Internet Resources for Science and Mathematics Education, collected by Tom O'Haver.

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Downloadable software (Updated February, 2001)

Archives and collections (Mac and IBM-PC)
  1. ZDNet Software Library
  2. Jumbo: Over 300,000 Shareware Programs and Links
  3. C|NET's searchable database of over 250,000 software files
  4. TUCOWS Shareware collection
  5. InfoMac Archive of Macintosh shareware (all subjects)
  6. Macintosh Education Software Archive
  7. Macintosh Science and Math Archive
  8. Mac archive at the U. of Michigan.
  9. Stroud's Original Internet Software Resource
  10. Internet software (Mac)
  11. Internet software (Windows)
  12. Version Tracker for Macintosh software
  13. The Mac Orchard: vital Internet applications and links for Mac users
  14. The Graphic Utilities' Site for DOS, Mac, Windows
  15. Sound and music software for various platforms
  16. Children's shareware (Mac and PC)
  17. Quicktime software, movies, virtual reality, etc.
  18. The Cross-Platform Page: Resources for using various file formats on multiple platforms.
  19. Homeschool & K-12 Education Software
  20. Tom O'Haver's List of Software for Chemistry
  21. Plug-ins and other software modules

    Some individual programs for Windows and/or Macintosh

  22. Graphic Converter, graphics utility (Macintosh). GC Home Page in Germany
  23. Paint Shop Pro, image processing utility, time-limited evaluation version (Windows)
  24. ARDI Executor (run Mac programs on your PC)
  25. Sound View, real-time sound display and spectrum analyzer (Macintosh)
  26. LogicSim, an application that simulates digital circuits (Macintosh)
  27. MacCurveFit, easy data plotting and curve fitting application (Macintosh)
  28. RASMOL home page, rotatable 3D models of molecules (Windows and Macintosh)
  29. RealAudio, streaming audio/video player (Windows and Macintosh)
  30. ChemWeb, free chemical structure drawing tool (Windows and Macintosh)
  31. ISIS/Draw, free structure drawing program (Windows and Macintosh)
  32. SPECTRUM, freeware analytical signal processing tool and tutorial (Macintosh)
  33. KaleidoTile, colorful dynamic Platonic solids and tiling program (Macintosh and SGI)
  34. Demo of TesselMania (tesselation program). Shift-click to download. (Macintosh)
  35. Orbimania, graphical interactive inverse-square law (electrostatic or gravitational) (Macintosh)
  36. Gravitation, two dimensional graphical gravity/orbital simulation (Macintosh)
  37. NIH Image , the famous quantitative image analysis software. (Windows and Macintosh)
  38. GenScope Home Page, free copy of excellent multi-level genetics simulation (Macintosh)
  39. Interactive Physics , free demo CD of physics simulations (Windows and Macintosh)
  40. Electronics Workbench, free demo of excellent circuit simulator (Windows)
  41. LVIEW, image processing utility (Windows)
  42. Software to turn PC with sound card into signal generator, digital oscilloscope, and spectrum analyzer (Windows)
  43. Crocodile Clips, demos of physics simulations (Windows and Macintosh)
  44. Chem Lab 2.0, simulated chemistry set, demo version (Windows and Macintosh)
  45. CyberSky, cool planetarium simulator. (Windows)
  46. Shapari, Shape and pattern exploration program for kids. (Windows)
  47. AmiGlobe 2000, delightful shareware interactive world globe and database. (Windows)