Internet Resources for Science and Mathematics Education, collected by Tom O'Haver.

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Education and Pedagogy

Last updated and all links checked: February 28, 2001.

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  1. Teacher Education Materials Project: A Database for K-12 Mathematics and Science Professional Development Providers (TE-MAT)

  2. Teacher Zone Lesson Plans

  3. Project Galileo

  4. Bill Benetta's "The Textbook League"

  5. Education World

  6. Understanding the Common Essential Learnings: A Handbook for Teachers

  7. Teaching and Learning on the Web

  8. Quia: Online quiz database and construction tool

  9. Teaching Templates

  10. Blackline masters for language arts

  11. The Five Paragraph Essay Wizard

  12. SchoolZone

  13. The WebQuest Page

  14. The Lesson Bank

  15. Electronic Emissary

  16. Computer-based Manipulatives

  17. Center for Applied Special Technology


  19. Education Week Online

  20. Teacher Magazine

  21. Teachers Helping Teachers

  22. The Gateway to Educational Material

  23. New York Times Learning Network

  24. Promising Practices: Progess Toward the Goals 1999

  25. Teachers' Net

  26. Teacher Change

  27. US Registry of Teachers

  28. Knowledge Adventure

  29. CollegeNet

  30. Discovery School

  31. Blue Web'n: Blue Ribbon Learning Sites on the Web

  32. Marcia's Lesson Links

  33. Free Worksheets

  34. PBS TeacherSource

  35. Study Skills

  36. Scholastic's Homepage

  37. The Educational System in the United States: Case Study Findings

  38. Preparing our Children: Math and Science Education in the National Interest (Feb. 1999)

  39. History and Philosophy in Science Teaching: Curriculum Modules K-12

  40. NARST Research Matters - to the Science Teacher

  41. TERC - The Regional Alliance Hub

  42. World Wide Words

  43. Practical Teaching Information and Guidlines

  44. LEARNING STYLES (R.M. Felder)

  45. Demonstrating Educational Effectiveness

  46. Project Appleseed, the National Campaign for Public School Improvement

  47. US Department of Education Technology Initiatives

  48. Learning About Education Through Statistics

  49. The Foundation Center

  50. Pathways to School Improvement

  51. TeachNet: The Teachers Network

  52. Middle School MSPAP Website

  53. EdWeb: Exploring Technology and School Reform

  54. The National Academy Press

  55. Essays on constructivism and education

  56. NSTA's Scope, Sequence & Coordination Project

  57. Scholarships

  58. The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

  59. Expect the Best for a Girl and that's what you'll get.

  60. AskERIC

  61. Ameritech Family Education Outpost

  62. Susan's "Teachers Helping Teachers"

  63. The BrainTainment Center

  64. Virtual University

  65. World Lecture Hall

  66. Edutech

  67. The Explorer project at the University of Kansas

  68. Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum Project

  69. Critical Thinking

  70. Critical Thinking On The Web: A Directory of Quality Online Resources

  71. Problem-Based Learning at the University of Delaware

  72. Maryland Collaborative for Teacher Preparation

  73. Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway

  74. National Science Teachers' Association Science

  75. International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement

  76. University of Virginia Instructional Technology

  77. AskERIC Lesson Plans

  78. Annotated collection of pointers to math and science resources

  79. Instructional Technology Connections (University of Colorado)

  80. Engines for Education (Hyperbook)

  81. The Exploratorium - Museum of Science, Art, and Human Perception

  82. U.S. Department of Education

  83. WWW Virtual Library of Educational Technology

  84. Argonne N. L. Division of Educational Programs

  85. Maryland K-12 Community

  86. National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)

  87. Franklin Institute (Philadelphia)

  88. Pedagogy for the 21st Century (Institute of Learning Technology)

  89. Directory of information sources about online communication and the Internet

  90. E-GEMS Electronic Games for Education in Math and Science

  91. Online Education Journals

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