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What's New

New or newly updated sites that have been added within the past year. All items listed here are also listed in the individual subject categories in the main index . Last updated March 16, 2001

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  1. Teacher Education Materials Project: A Database for K-12 Mathematics and Science Professional Development Providers (TE-MAT)

  2. Teacher Zone Lesson Plans

  3. Education World

  4. Understanding the Common Essential Learnings: A Handbook for Teachers

  5. Quia: Online quiz database and construction tool

  6. Teaching Templates

  7. Blackline masters for language arts

  8. Lycos RhymeZone

  9. The Five Paragraph Essay Wizard

  10. Education4kids

  11. SchoolZone

  12. The WebQuest Page

  13. The Lesson Bank

  14. Electronic Emissary

  15. Center for Applied Special Technology

  16. Amy's Math Activities

  17. Math Explorer and Explorer Plus Activities for Middle School Math

  18. Mathematics Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools

  19. House of Math Word Problems for Children

  20. Middle School Geometry interactive Web sites

  21. Homework Help

  22. Harcourt Math Glossary

  23. Harcourt Math Manu

  24. Learning Planet

  25. Angle Activities

  26. Virtual World Globe and Database

  27. Change Maker

  28. Gus and Gertie's Graphin' Gadget

  29. MathCurve

  30. Interactive math workbook

  31. Math puzzle games

  32. Shapari, shape and pattern exploration

  33. Math Worksheets

  34. Awesome Library

  35. Math art gallery

  36. Excel mathematics

  37. Graphing and Data Analysis with Technology Across the Curriculum

  38. Calculus WIZ

  39. Chaos, Fractals, and Arcadia

  40. MathReader

  41. Graph Paper Printer

  42. MathDork

  43. The KnotPlot Site
  44. Interactive music and math manipulative

  45. ScienceMaster - the science and technology network

  46. The Science House Curriculum Closet

  47. Science Education Resource Page

  48. Science Inquiry

  49. EduWeb Science and Nature adventures

  50. Review of Middle School Physical Science Texts

  51. Introduction to Optical Microscopy and Photomicrography

  52. Virtual Microscopy
  53. Electrostatics Demonstrations

  54. Electricity, magnetismm and NMR interactive Java tutorials

  55. Computer animations of physical processes

  56. Seat Activities

  57. A New Model Course in Applied Quantum Physics

  58. Lab manual for Physics

  59. Light and Matter

  60. Socratic Dialog-Inducing (SDI) Labs

  61. Open Physics Education

  62. Physics Resources and Instructional Strategies for Motivating Students (PRISMS)

  63. CASTLE high school electricity curriculum

  64. Dynamic mechanical construction set

  65. Physics Lessons and Tutorials from the Physics Zone

  66. Modules from Sciences Education Foundation

  67. Interactive Physics

  68. Physics Pavilion

  69. Internet-based virtual lock-in amplifier

  70. Physics and Astronomy Java Applets and programs

  71. Exploring Electric Fields

  72. Astronomy and planetary science

  73. Science and Astronomy Superstore

  74. Stephen Hawking's Universe

  75. Explore the Solar System

  76. Lunar Anomalities Home Page

  77. Phil Plait's "Bad Astronomy" website

  78. NASA Watch site

  79. The NIST Reference on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty

  80. MegaConverter 2

  81. Relationships of the SI derived units with special names and symbols and the SI base units

  82. The Constellations and their Stars

  83. Satellite Passes Over North American Cities

  84. The Animated Chalkboard

  85. Buoyancy activities for kids

  86. Demonstrations and Activities

  87. Interactive microscopic model of a gas

  88. Webspectra Problems in NMR and IR Spectroscopy at UCLA

  89. My Chem Class

  90. Didactics of Chemistry

  91. Polymer Chemistry Hypertext

  92. What is Chromatography?

  93. ChemWeb 2000

  94. Chemical Reaction and Stoichiometry

  95. WebMO

  96. Ideas for Inquiry-Based Lab Projects

  97. Acid-base without algebra

  98. Logal Simulation Library

  99. Chembalancer

  100. Chemistry Study Aids

  101. The Optics of Spectroscopy

  102. Chemistry Film Studio

  103. The Basics of NMR

  104. NMR course

  105. Quantitative Analysis

  106. Using Computers in Chemical Education

  107. ICSD Chemistry Zone

  108. Cultural Uses of Plants

  109. Flowering Plant Taxonomy
  110. Virtual Plant Animations

  111. The DNA Learning Center

  112. WebVision: the Organization of the Vertebrate Retina.

  113. EcoBeaker

  114. Logal Simulation Library

  115. Road Scholars Online

  116. The 'Cell'

  117. Bugscope

  118. Enzyme TA

  119. AP Biology

  120. BioMedia Associates

  121. Biology Labs On-Line

  122. Science Savvy

  123. Population Growth and Balance

  124. Biotechnology & Biology Experiments from Edvotek

  125. Microscopic water organisms in 3D!

  126. The Basics on MRI

  127. The Science of Boiling an Egg

  128. A Tapestry of Time and Terrain: The Union of Two Maps - Geology and Topography

  129. Geo-Mysteries

  130. Dino Russ's lair

  131. Water on the Web

  132. Oceanography

  133. Virtual River

  134. Virtual Earthquake

  135. Harry Potter

  136. For Kids Only: Earth Science Enterprise

  137. Primary Games

  138. FunBrain

  139. The clock in Serravalle

  140. The Oz Encyclopedia

  141. Puzzlemaker

  142. Cory's PaintBox

  143. The Adventures of Quitsie Dog

  144. Things for Me to Do

  145. For Kids Only: drug and alcohol prevention
  146. CyberSky, cool planetarium simulator. (Windows)
  147. Shapari, Shape and pattern exploration program for kids. (Windows)
  148. AmiGlobe 2000, delightful shareware interactive world globe and database. (Windows)
  149. Technology and American Frontiers: an exploration of resources
  150. Technology and Culture Journal
  151. AT&T Scanned Historical Documents Archive
  152. Humanity in School Science
  153. Muslim Scientists and Islamic Civilization
  154. Book summaries and reviews dealing with the history of science
  155. Classics 189: Greek Science
  156. The Origin of the Celsius Temperature Scale
  157. Benjamin Franklin: Glimpses of the Man
  158. On-line Texts from Culture and History of Science and the Humanities
  159. On-line exhibits from the Oxford Museum of the History of Science
  160. Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre
  161. Science and Art: The Wellcome Trust
  162. UCLA Science and Art Center
  163. The Arts Catalyst: the science-art agency
  164. Merging Science and Art: The Sundial Project
  165. A New Perspective on Science and Art (3-D glasses, holograms, and virtual images)
  166. Needing Science, receiving Art: Too much Art in Web design
  167. KinderArt Science Activities
  168. AltaVista Image Search Engine with thumbnail previews
  169. Science Clip Art
  170. Zip file of 101 small math-related GIF images (fractals, etc)
  171. Earth Science Clip Art web site
  172. Animal clip art
  173. Plants and flowers clip art
  174. Flowers & Plants Clip Art from IBand
  175. Astronomy Clip Art
  176. Math Clip Art
  177. Molecular Expressions Microphotograph Gallery
  178. Free Science Clip Art
  179. Biotech Graphics Gallery
  180. Chemistry Clip Art samples
  181. Drawings of glassware and laboratory equipment
  182. Industrial safety and hygene graphics
  183. Listen to the Music in the Numbers
  184. Music and math: different sides of the same coin
  185. Hearing tutorial
  186. Trigonometry and Music
  187. The Sound of Trigonometry
  188. Chua's Oscillator: Applications of Chaos to Sound and Music
  189. SHARC Timbre Database (graphs of musical sounds)
  190. PLUM - Programming Languages Used for Music
  191. Music software for all platforms
  192. Music programs for the PC platform
  193. Sound and music software for Macintosh
  194. Music programs for Macintosh
  195. MusicMath 2.2 for Macintosh
  196. Blue Web'n, library of Blue Ribbon learning sites on the Web
  197. K-12 Science Sites
  198. The Computer Teacher's Resource Page
  199. Internet Sites Which Support Instruction
  200. Sites for Teachers
  201. Cool teaching lessons and units
  202. Marc Sheehan's Lesson Plans Page
  203. Lesson plans and resources for social studies
  204. Net Trekker subject catalog

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