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Recommended by teachers and collected by the Maryland Collaborative for Teacher Preparation. Since 1995. Annual updating completed March 16, 2001. All links checked; 204 new links added.

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  • New links added this year (204 links)
  • Pages by and for Kids (71 links)
  • Education (91 links)
  • Multicultural connections (32 links)
  • Mathematics (112 links)
  • History of Science (41 links)
  • Integrated Science and Mathematics (86 links)
  • Art connections (39 links)
  • Physics and Astronomy (140 links)
  • Music connections (32 links)
  • Chemistry (269 links)
  • Subject Catalogs and indices (21 links)
  • Biology, Biochemistry, and Natural History (130 links)
  • Search engines (60 links)
  • Earth Science and Paleontology (59 links)
  • Family and personal interest (89 links)
  • Computers and Technology (102 links)
  • State of Maryland and the Local Area (29 links)
  • Downloadable software (46 links)

  • Most of the links in this collection were recommended or mentioned by teachers on various listserv lists or other teacher discussion forums. Note: These links are to pages that are outside of the Maryland Collaborative for Teacher Preparation Web site; that is, they were not created by the MCTP. We believe that these materials may be useful, but the MCTP is not responsible for the accuracy of the information created by other organizations. This site was created by Prof. T. C. O'Haver , Professor Emeritus, The University of Maryland at College Park. It is updated once a year, when new items are added and every link is checked.

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