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Technology, including Software and shareware reviews

Last updated and all links checked February 21, 2001.

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  1. Common Core Lesson Plans
    Common Core-aligned lesson plans designed to help teachers and educational professionals adapt quickly to The Common Core State Standards. With these three lesson plan templates, educators can create and fill out a lesson plan with a professional design for their math, science and language arts courses, and download them in PDF or MS Word format with a single click.

  2. Teaching, learning, and computing: a National Survey

  3. The Secretary's Conference on Educational Technology: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Technology

  4. The Remote Laboratory Classroom

  5. Current Cites (annotated bibliography on information technology)

  6. UPresent and UGather

  7. Stella simulation software

  8. Extend

  9. IBM Education WhitePapers

  10. Homestead: Free Web Sites

  11. Excel Tutorial

  12. Index to Web Training Material

  13. Tips, Tricks, How to, and beyond - Web design resource

  14. Multimedia Streaming

  15. Software Download Page

  16. The Cross-Platform Page

  17. LOGAL (science simulation software)

  18. Digital Oscilloscope Uses PC Sound Card for Input (slow connection)

  19. Terry Morse Myrmidon (HTML conversion program for Macintosh)

  20. Armadillo's K-12 WWW Resources

  21. MSNBC Learning Online

  22. Project SMART

  23. NCATE Technology Standards

  24. Technology and the New Professional Teacher: Preparing for the 21st Century Classroom

  25. Classroom applications of educational technology

  26. Virtual Laboratory (U. Oregon)

  27. Science Teaching Forum

  28. Technology Counts: Schools and Reform in the Information Age

  29. Webmonkey

  30. webTeacher

  31. The Impact of Technology

  32. US Department of Education Technology Initiatives

  33. Wired schools: It takes a village,5,15118,00.html?feed.msnbc.alert

  34. Maryland Instructional Computer Coordinators Association (MICCA)

  35. Confronting Technology

  36. Search Engine Watch

  37. The Searcher: The Magazine for Database Professionals

  38. Online Tutorials

  39. Discount computers and supplies

  40. Virtual Sandcastles

  41. TEAMS Distance Learning

  42. EDWEB: Exploring Technology and School Reform

  43. Technology FAQ For Parents

  44. The Technology Coordinator's Web Site

  45. A Guide to Creating a Successful Web Page

  46. National NetDay

  47. Web-based multimedia courseware

  48. From Now On: The Educational Technology Journal

  49. Stroud's Consumate Winsock Applications

  50. Maryland Connected for Learning

  51. Challenge Grants for Technology in Education

  52. ICONnect:Get Connected to Learning Using the Internet

  53. The Public-Access Computer Systems Review

  54. Integrating the Internet

  55. Handouts and tutorials on Internet and classroom multimedia production

  56. The Maryland K-12 Web Page (MDK-12 Stuff)

  57. Thinkquest winners

  58. CU-SeeMe video conferencing software

  59. K-12 acceptable use policies

  60. An Introductory HTML Tutorial

  61. Reference Table of HTML Tags

  62. Making a Web Project with the Multi-Page Template

  63. Digital Image Literacy

  64. Putting Kid Pix SlideShows on the Web

  65. Better Graphics for Multimedia and the World Wide Web

  66. Technology-Based Curriculum Delivery

  67. Best search engines for finding scientific information in the Net

  68. Fundamentals of Digital Media

  69. Lesson Plans and Design Tenets

  70. Teachers and Technology: Making the Connection

  71. Kathy Schrock's guide for Educators

  72. Mustang: The Educator's Web Cruising Vehicle.


  74. Librarian's Ready Reference Guide to the Internet

  75. Online Internet Institute

  76. RealAudio: real-time audio and video over the Internet.

  77. Practical Hypermedia Design for the World-Wide Web

  78. The Graphic Utilities' Site & Version FAQ>

  79. Mac on the Net: Macintosh TCP/IP Software

  80. Yahoo's Picture Links

  81. Ken Castleman's Digital Image Processing Page

  82. New Tools for Teaching (James J. O'Donnell)
  83. Multimedia Authoring
  84. Netscape Plugins
  85. MECC (producer of educational software)
  86. Columbia University's Institute for Learning Technologies
  87. NASA QUEST: Internet in the Classroom
  88. Apple Web Page Construction Kit
  89. Apple education page (K-12 and higher)
  90. Computer Mediated Communication Journal
  91. Operate a robot arm remotely
  92. WebLint: Submit URL for automatic html syntax check
  93. E-GEMS Electronic Games for Education in Math and Science

    Software and shareware reviews

  94. Evalutech (5000 reviews of instructional materials)
  95. Family PC Reviews (reviews os software and hardware)
  96. Educational Software Preview Guide ZDNet Software Library (Reviews and download links to shareware)
  97. School House Software Review
  98. The Edutainment Page
  99. Totware: Reviews of and links to PC and Mac shareware and freeware programs for kids.
  100. Kid's Shareware (PC and Mac)
  101. Critical Reading Software Reviews
  102. guide to shareware
  103. SuperKids Parent's and Teacher's Guide to Software
  104. The Review Zone (Edutainment software, etc)