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Pages by and for Kids

Last updated and all links checked February 27, 2001.

  1. Harry Potter

  2. Ask Jeeves for Kids

  3. Web Weather for Kids

  4. For Kids Only: Earth Science Enterprise

  5. Chemistry4Kids

  6. Biology4Kids

  7. Lycos RhymeZone

  8. The Five Paragraph Essay Wizard

  9. Education4kids

  10. Primary Games

  11. Learning Planet

  12. Barney and Friends

  13. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Home Page

  14. Family Games

  15. Trivia games

  16. The Last Word: science questions and answers

  17. FunBrain

  18. Make your own Lasershow

  19. The clock in Serravalle

  20. The Oz Encyclopedia

  21. Puzzlemaker

  22. Cory's PaintBox

  23. The Adventures of Quitsie Dog

  24. Things for Me to Do

  25. For Kids Only: drug and alcohol prevention

  26. Science sites for kids

  27. Science is fun

  28. Science Fair Central

  29. MAD Scientist Network

  30. BrainPOP

  31. Kid's Project Gallery

  32. Kids Did This! Hotlist

  33. Project pages by Middle Schoolers

  34. Yahooligans Web Guide for Kids

  35. Berit's Best Sites for Children

  36. The Yuckiest Site on the Internet

  37. Kidscom

  38. Free Zone

  39. Bess, the Internet Retriever

  40. Cyber-Pet

  41. WWW Women's Sports Page

  42. International Kids' Space

  43. Kid's Window on Japan

  44. Children's Literature Web Guide

  45. Marilee's Pages

  46. Virtual Zoo

  47. Oceanography ABC Book

  48. Amateur Science

  49. The Compleat Bellairs

  50. Cyberkids

  51. Theodore Tugboat

  52. "All the Arts for All the Kids" Art Gallery

  53. Sports Cards Shop

  54. Sports Illustrated for Kids

  55. Sandra Loosemore's Froggy Page

  56. Midlink

  57. Vocal Point

  58. Kellogg's Cereal City

  59. LEGO home page

  60. Crayola Crayons kid's page

    Some Schools in Maryland with Student Projects Online

  61. Fairland Elementary Student Projects
  62. Cromwell Valley Elementary
  63. Patti Weeg's Global Classroom
  64. William Paca Elementary Student Projects
  65. Buck Lodge Middle School student projects
  66. Forest Oak Middle School student work
  67. Piney Branch Elementary student projects
  68. Galway Elementary School Student Projects
  69. Broad Acres Elementary School student projects
  70. Web 66 list of Maryland Schools
  71. Other school links