Internet Resources for Science and Mathematics Education, collected by Tom O'Haver.

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Family and personal interest

Last updated and all links checked March, 2001.

    [General information]   [Travel]   [Cars]   [Financial and retirement information]   [Entertainment]   [Shopping]   [Health]   [Food, recipes, and restaurants]

    General Information

  1. Ask Me
  2. KnowPost
  3. Pitsco's Ask-An-Expert: kid-friendly expert site
  4. Instructions for Everything
  5. How Stuff Works: learn how everything works
  6. EHow: How to do just about everything


  7. Grand Circle Travel: discount discovery travel
  8. Doorways: villa rental vacations in Europe
  9. SmarterLiving: last minute travel deals
  10. BestFares, by travel guru Tom Parsons
  11. Rough Guides: budget adventure travel
  12. Travelocity: Airline flight schedule and reservation system
  13. Frommers: Budget Travel Online
  14. Expedia Travel: Book a Flight, Reserve a Room, Rent a Car
  15. Moment's Notice discount travel
  16. My Travel Companys: cruise vacation
  17. Cruise Source:Interactive Cruise Database and Cruise Reservations
  18. Rain or Shine:5-day weather forcasts for any city
  19. Fodor's Farefinder, travel guides, hotel and restaurant guides
  20. City Search (guides to 77 cities)
  21. Online Tour of Paris (if you can't afford to go there)
  22. Greyhound: the cheaper way to travel


  23. Edmunds (recommended)
  24. Kelley Blue Book Used Car Values and New Car Pricing
  25. Auto-by-Tel
  26. CarPoint
  27. Auto Trader

    Financial and retirement information

  28. Morningstar
  29. CBS Marketwatch
  30. Financial Engines investment advisor
  31. Yahoo Finance
  32. BigCharts: Financial charts and quotes
  33. VectorVest stock analyzer
  34. Validea: stock picks of top people
  35. TradeTrek stock forcaster
  36. The Nasdaq Stock Market Home Page
  37. Retirement Planning for Employes of the Public Sector
  38. TIAA-CREF (Teachers' retirement stuff)
  39. Social Security Administration
  40. Investor's Online Dictionary
  41. Resources for beginning mutual fund investors
  42. Investing for Beginners


  43. Atom Films: short films and Webcasts
  44. The Internet Movie Database
  45. MovieLens: recommends films based on others you like
  46. Movie Mistakes: (logical and continuity mistakes in famous movies)
  47. CultureFinder: Find art events and buy tickets
  48. NetRadio
  49. Spinner: streaming net radio
  50. download high quality music
  51. CD-NOW: preview and buy music CDs
  52. Emusic: buy music by the track or whole CD
  53. Sonicnet: massive pop/rock site
  54. McSweeney's Humor journal: parodies, lists, short stories
  55. The Onion: USAToday-style parody
  56. GORP: Great Outdoor Recreation Pages


  57. Deal News: Coupons, special deals, and consumer alerts
  58. Deal Time:Comparison shop for anything
  59. MySimon: compare products and prices
  60. Ebay: buy and sell anything online
  61. books, music, videos
  62. Barnes and Noble booksellers
  63. BizWeb: Searchable Index of Commercial Sites
  64. NetMarket: Name brands at discount prices
  65. Proflowers: fresher flowers direct from grower
  66. Land's End


  67. WebMD consumer medicine site
  68. Health Teacher: K-12 health education curriculum
  69. Dr. Koop's family health site
  70. Health Central
  71. The Mayo Clinic Health Oasis
  72. QuackWatch: Health Fraud, Quackery, and Intelligent Decisions
  73. Ask Dr. Weil, famous bearded doctor
  74. InteliHealth (Johns Hopkins health information)
  75. Health A to Z: health search engine

    Food, recipes, and restaurants

  76. SOAR: Searchable Online Archive of 50,000 Recipes
  77. Arielle's Recipe Archive
  78. Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen
  79. recipes
  80. Recipe Exchange
  81. Star Chefs: celebrity chefs, recipes, essays
  82. Epicurious: over 10,000 recipes
  83. Food-TV: recipes of TV chefs
  84. recipes, live chat, glossary
  85. The Solar Cooking Archive: cook with the sun
  86. Chow Hound (regional message boards)
  87. Zagat's guides: reviews of more than 20,000 restaurants
  88. City Search (guides to 77 cities)
  89. Ideal Cheese Shop: great N.Y. cheese shop that ships
  90. CyberDiet: after the sites above, you'll need this