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Physics, Mathematics, and technology of Music

Last updated and all links checked March, 2001.

  1. Listen to the Music in the Numbers
  2. Music and math: different sides of the same coin
  3. Hearing tutorial
  4. Trigonometry and Music
  5. The Sound of Trigonometry
  6. Chua's Oscillator: Applications of Chaos to Sound and Music
  7. SHARC Timbre Database (graphs of musical sounds)
  8. SuperConductor: Music Interpretation and Performance Program
  9. MusiNum - The Music in the Numbers
  10. The Sound of Mathematics
  11. The Mathematics of Drum Design
  12. Musical Frequencies and Other Questions
  13. Math & Music
  14. Fourier Approximations and Music
  15. The Physics of Music
  16. Sound Wave Project
  17. Art Ludwig's Sound Page
  18. The Soundry: Physics of sound
  19. The Mathematics of Music
  20. Mathematics and Music
  21. Sound and music software for Macintosh
  22. Sound and music software
  23. Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (Stanford)
  24. MP3 music archives and software
  25. Yamaha "Soft Synthesizer" plug-in for Netscape Navigator
  26. PLUM - Programming Languages Used for Music
  27. Music software for all platforms
  28. Music programs for the PC platform
  29. Sound and music software for Macintosh
  30. Music programs for Macintosh
  31. MusicMath 2.2 for Macintosh
  32. The Music Technology Learning Center