Internet Resources for Science and Mathematics Education, collected by Tom O'Haver.

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  1. Webspectra Problems in NMR and IR Spectroscopy at UCLA

  2. My Chem Class

  3. Didactics of Chemistry

  4. Polymer Chemistry Hypertext

  5. What is Chromatography?

  6. ChemWeb 2000

  7. Chemical Reaction and Stoichiometry

  8. WebMO

  9. Ideas for Inquiry-Based Lab Projects

  10. Acid-base without algebra

  11. Logal Simulation Library

  12. Chembalancer

  13. Chemistry Study Aids

  14. The Optics of Spectroscopy

  15. Clustered Water Scams

  16. Using Pseudoscience as an Aid to Teaching General and Analytical Chemistry

  17. Chemistry Film Studio

  18. The Basics of NMR

  19. NMR course

  20. Quantitative Analysis

  21. Using Computers in Chemical Education

  22. ICSD Chemistry Zone

  23. General Chemistry Online

  24. Introductory Organic Chemistry

  25. NCSA ChemViz

  26. Survey of Chemistry

  27. MathMol Activity Center

  28. World Index of Molecular Visualization Resources

  29. HMChem Demo site

  30. Chemistry Online Media Collection

  31. SoftChemistry

  32. Periodic Table Game

  33. Chemistry World Wide Web Applications

  34. Interactive Simulations for Analytical Chemistry Instruction

  35. Recommendations on Organic & Biochemical Nomenclature, Symbols & Terminology

  36. Methods in Materials Research

  37. Chempire: A Kingdom of Chemistry Resources

  38. Homework Central - Chemistry

  39. LabWorks Computerized Laboratory Environment

  40. The Second Law of Thermodynamics

  41. Molecular Models for Classroom Lectures and Demonstrations

  42. Indigo Molecular Models

  43. Chemistry and the Internet - ChemInt2002

  44. Chemistry True Type Font

  45. Chemistry Tables

  46. Science Help Online: Chemistry

  47. Chemistry tutorials from CSU Stanislaus

  48. The IrYdium Project.

  49. Chemistry Tutorial and Resource Page

  50. Chemistry Classes with At Home Labs

  51. Steve Marsden's Chemistry Home Page

  52. Countertop Chemistry

  53. Chemistry Resources
    Chemistry 1
    Chemistry 2

  54. ChemCom (Chemistry in the Community) resource center

  55. Chemistry Exam Exchange Center

  56. Chemistry in the Modern World Laboratory

  57. Advanced Chemical Topics

  58. Aufbau1

  59. "HOLY MOL-EE!" Sing-along Chemistry

  60. Molecular Model for an Ideal Gas

  61. WWW Living Book of Physical Chemistry

  62. Cosmic Chemistry: An Elemental Question

  63. Heat: An Agent of Change

  64. Infrared Spectroscopy Web Links for Organic Chemists

  65. TeleSpek: Telecooperation in Spectroscopy

  66. Interactive WWW Experiments in Chemistry Education

  67. Torganal: Tasmanian produced qualitative Organic Analysis program

  68. What's Happening at Other High School Chemistry Sites?'s%20Happening

  69. The Scientist Video Clips

  70. Lecture PLUS Chemistry Modules

  71. SCUBA Diving Explained

  72. Chemical Stuff

  73. Molecular Spectroscopy

  74. Science in the Marketplace

  75. ACD/ChemBasic : Programming language for chemists

  76. Hands-on Experiments

  77. SMILE program chemistry index

  78. Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab

  79. The Bubbleshpere

  80. Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering

  81. CompTutor

  82. Understanding Fluorescence

  83. Magnetic water treatment and other scams

  84. OMEGAweb™ Technical Reference

  85. General Chemistry: starting points for students

  86. Tutorials on writing and visualization of molecular structures

  87. QuickTime Movies, GIF Animations, and Streaming Audio

  88. Multimedia Extravaganza

  89. Chemistry Teaching Resources

  90. The ChemLinks Coalition

  91. ACS Education Division

  92. ACS ChemCenter

  93. Journal of Chemical Education Online

  94. 3D periodic table of radii and Inorganic structure database

  95. Chemistry Higher Education Workgroup (CHEW)

  96. World Lecture Hall: Chemistry

  97. C4: Computers in Chemistry at Cabrillo College

  98. The Chemistry Place

  99. AP Chemistry

  100. Elemental Discoveries Magazine

  101. Reactive Reports Magazine

  102. ActivChemistry

  103. WWW Project For Chemistry

  104. Chemistry Multimedia

  105. Learning Matters of Chemistry

  106. Stereochemistry Online

  107. BioChemLinks (was: BioChemNet)

  108. Molecular Models for Biochemistry

  109. Interactive Biochemistry

  110. Amino Acid Tutorials

  111. DNA Structure: An Interactive Animated Nonlinear Tutorial (version 2.3)

  112. Basics of DNA Fingerprinting

  113. Molecular Modeling for Chemical Education

  114. The Chemistry Tutor CD-ROM

  115. QuickTime Movies for Chemistry

  116. The Edison Project For Communicating Chemistry

  117. Chemistry Visualized: The World of Physical Chemistry

  118. ChemConnections

  119. The Organic Chemistry Resource Page

  120. Organic Reaction Mechanisms Movies

  121. Chemistry Education Discussion List (CHEMED-L)

  122. Eureka Group

  123. Instructional Software from Chem1Ware Ltd.

  124. Peer Led Team Learning Workshop

  125. On-line Chemistry Course on industrial and environmental chemistry

  126. Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR)

  127. Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR)

  128. Principles of Chemistry

  129. Old home page of MathMol (Mathematics and Molecules K-12)

  130. ALCOM - Liquid Crystals

  131. Understanding Our Planet Through Chemistry

  132. WebElements 2

  133. Vernier Software

  134. LIMSport

  135. Chemistry Hypermedia Project

  136. An Introduction to Chemistry on the Internet

  137. North American Chapter of the Chemometrics Society

  138. NMR Concepts

  139. The Ozone Secretariat

  140. Organic Nomenclature tutorial, by Dave Woodcock
  141. Learning and Problem Solving in Chemistry, by Dave Woodcock
  142. The Chemical Educator, online chemistry education journal
  143. The ChemPrime Project curriculum initiative
  144. Chemistry Course for Non-Science Majors, by Tom O'Haver
  145. Course on Electronics and Computer Interfacing in Chemistry, by Tom O'Haver
  146. Chemistry Textbook Archive, by Journal of Chemical Education
  147. List of chemistry textbooks in print, by Journal of Chemical Education
  148. FTP archive of ChemViz (Chemical Visualization project, 1995)
  149. The Chemical Heritage Foundation (history of chemistry)
  150. Resource Modules of the Iowa General Chemistry Network
  151. Virtual Textbook on Polymers and Liquid Crystals
  152. Virtual Courses on General, Organic & Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry Laboratory; Separations and Chemometrics
  153. CER, Chemical Education Resources (commercial publisher)
  154. CIRRUS: Undergraduate Chemistry Research
  155. Chemistry Teaching Materials, by Scott Van Bramer
  156. Hyperactive Molecules, Part 1
  157. Hyperactive Molecules, Part 2
  158. Australian Computational Chemistry via the Internet Project
  159. Gateway to the World of Chemistry, by Ralph Logan
  160. Tutorial on Oxidation and Reduction, Kapiolani Community College

    Chemistry Software

  161. Atom in a Box (real-time visualization of QM atomic orbitals)
  162. Linux4Chemistry: chemistry software for the Linux operating system.
  163. Macs in Chemistry, a resource for chemists using Apple Macintosh computers
  164. MacMolecule 2 and PCMolecule 2
  165. Chemical Engineering Software
  166. Tom Kuppens' Chemistry Software Reference
  167. Free Desktop and Web-based IUPAC Naming software
  168. Chem Spread 3.05: Free Stoichiometric Calculator
  169. JChem, a chemical database building tool for developers
  170. Marvin, Java applets for drawing and displaying structures in web browsers
  171. Software for Introductory Chemistry
  172. Cherwell Scientific Publishing: scientific software
  173. Galactic Software, Spectroscopy Software Solutions
  174. PolyChem, chemistry teaching software
  175. Falcon Software, chemistry education software
  176. MoluCAD, a new molecular animation application.
  177. ChemLab, chemistry lab simulation for Windows and Mac
  178. Chime, free molecule display browser plugin
  179. RASMOL, displays rotatable 3D models of molecules.
  180. Advanced Chemistry Development: Chemsketch and other products
  181. MS Wizard, IR Wizard, NMR wizard, etc.
  182. HyperChem molecular modeling software for Windows
  183. Journal of Chemical Education Online
  184. "S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M.", freeware signal processing tool and tutorial package
  185. Interactive Simulations for Analytical Chemistry Instruction
  186. Steve Lower's ChemCAI: Instructional Software for Chemistry
  187. Software Reviews from the CTI Centre for Chemistry
  188. CTI Centre for Chemistry Software Catalogue
  189. The Sheffield FTP chemistry software archive (Macintosh)
  190. MathCad in Chemistry
  191. Study Aids from U. of Kentucky
  192. Downloadable Macintosh science software, including chemistry
  193. ChemWindow 6, From Bio-Rad Laboratories
  194. ChemWeb - free chemical structure drawing tool for HTML documents
  195. ISIS/Draw, free structure drawing program
  196. Organic Synthetic Method Computer Database (Free demo)
  197. Wavefunction, Inc. (Spartan and MacSpartan software)
  198. CS ChemOffice Net (free molecular model viewer)
  199. 2D Structure Converter, 3D Model Converter, and other free software
  200. CHEMiCALC, The Chemists' Calculator
  201. Chemical process calculator with thermodynamics database
  202. PTViz: Free Periodic Table Illustrator software for Mac
  203. The Official Gaussian Home Page
  204. SCULPT, has been acquired by MDLI.
  205. WebLab molecular 3D Viewer
  206. Oxford Molecular Group: computer-aided chemistry and bioinformatics software.

    Other lists of chemistry links on the Internet

  207. About: Extensive set of chemistry links
  208. Open Directory Project chemistry links
  209. The Catalyst: Chemistry Resources For The Secondary Education Teache On The WWW
  210. Organic Chemistry Sources Worldwide
  211. WWW Links for Chemists (U. of Liverpool)
  212. Rolf Claessen's Chemistry Index
  213. Chemistry Education Resources at SciEd
  214. WWW Virtual Library: Chemistry (last updated 1998)
  215. The Analytical Chemistry Springboard (Annotated collection by Knut Irgum)

    Chemical Data

  216. Spectra Online, seachable databsse of molecular spectra.
  217. WebMolecules: Over 150,000 3D molecular models in 6 styles
  218. Interactive Periodic Table with 9 key attributes
  219. FTNMR Spectra in NUTS Format
  220. Integrated Spectral Data Base System for Organic Compounds
  221. David Sullivan FT-IR Library
  222. Bio-Rad Software Databases
  223. NIH "Molecules R US" Utililty (PDB look-up)
  224. NIST Chemistry WebBook: thermochemical, thermophysical, and ion energetics data
  225. ChemFinder: A versatile searchable chemical database
  226. 1400+ Molecular Models in .pdb Form
  227. Chemistry Art Gallery (Finland)
  228. Material Saftey Data Sheets (Cornell)
  229. Chemical Safety Information (UK)
  230. WebElements Periodic Table (Canada)
  231. WebElements 2 Periodic Table (UK)
  232. The 1999 CODATA Recommended Values of Fundamental Physical Constants
  233. Protein Data Bank (PDB): an archival computer database of three-dimensional structures of biological macromolecules.
  234. The FTNMR Free Induction Decay Archive
  235. Center for Air Pollution Impact and Trend Analysis, CAPITA
  236. Downloadable food composition databases
  237. Composition of alloys
  238. Standard Reducation Potentials
  239. Dissociation Constants of Common Acids and Bases
  240. Solubility products
  241. Concentrations of common commercial acids and bases
  242. Equilibrium Constants
  243. Periodic Table -- A Word Perfect 5.1 file, downloadable only
  244. Food composition

    On-Line Conferences

  245. First CHEMCONF On-line Chemistry Education Conference, 1993
  246. First Chemometrics On-line Conference (INCINC '94)
  247. First Electronic Computational Chemistry Conference (ECCC 1994)
  248. "Faculty Rewards: Can We Implement the Scholarship of Teaching?", 1995
  249. First Electronic Conference on Trends in Organic Chemistry (ECTOC 1995)
  250. Second Electronic Computational Chemistry Conference (ECCC-2 1995)
  251. ChemConf '96: Summer 1996 On-line Chemistry Education Conference
  252. Electronic Conference on Heterocyclic Chemistry (ECHET96)
  253. ChemConf '97: Summer 1997 On-line Chemistry Education Conference
  254. Software for chemistry on-line conferences
  255. The Electronic Conference of Chemical Research by Undergraduate Students
  256. Interactive Conference for Undergraduate Organic Chemistry 1997
  257. ChemConf '98 School year conference, January 16 to May 1, 1998
  258. Chemical Demonstrations Trial Session, Feb. 15 - March 2 1999.
  259. The Role and Nature of Research by Undergraduates in Chemistry. (April 3 to May 5, 2000)
  260. CONFCHEM home page


  261. Einstein's Garage
  262. ChemWeb, the World Wide Club for the Chemical Community
  263. The Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment Resource Center
  264. Classical & Statistical Thermodynamics & Mechanics Educational Sites
  265. Technical thermochemistry
  266. Chemistry Clip Art (Macintosh)
  267. Molecular dynamics simulations on large systems
  268. Cornell Theory Center
  269. MicroWorlds: Interactive tour of LBL's Advanced Light Source
  270. FUSION energy educational Web site
  271. Electrochemical Science and Technology Information Resource (ESTIR)
Discussion groups (Listserv Lists and Newsgroups)