Notes on plasma theory

An introduction to quasi-symmetry

Magnetic coordinates

Sign conventions in VMEC

Relating the VMEC and Garabedian parameterizations of toroidal surfaces

Sonic flows in a tokamak or stellarator

Non-orthogonal 3D coordinate systems

Derivation of the drift-kinetic equation

The method of dominant balance

Converting between SI and Gaussian units

Interactive 3D visualization of particle trajectories in a plasma

More accurate calculation of the neoclassical ion flow in the Pfirsch-Schluter (short-mean-free-path) regime

Proof that quasisymmetry implies omnigenity without magnetic coordinates, Lagrangians, or Hamiltonians

Equivalence of quasisymmetry in Boozer and Hamada angles

A conservation law for ideal MHD associated with the single-particle conservation of canonical angular momentum

Proof that the entropy production from self-collisions vanishes only for a Maxwellian (Old version)

Asymptotology essay by Martin Kruskal