Math 246 Exams, Fall 2012

There will be three in-class exams and a two-hour final exam. These exams are the only Major Scheduled Grading Events for this course.
These exams and their (optional) review sessions are scheduled as follows. No calculators, books, or notes may be used during these exams.
All items except pens, pencils, and erasers must be off the desktops.
You are expected to handwrite and sign the University Honor Pledge.

In-Class Exams: The three in-class exams will be worth 100 points each. Make-up exams will only be offered to those with a legitimate excuse. If you miss an in-class exam and if you

then your score for that exam will be replaced by the average of half your final exam score and your lowest other in-class exam score. In all other cases if you miss one or more in-class exams then your score for each missed exam will be zero. If the University closes on the day of a scheduled in-class exam, the exam will be given the next lecture time the class meets. You may appeal the score you receive on an in-class exam by submitting your exam plus a note stating which problems you wish to have regraded to Professor Levermore. An appeal for the first or second exam must be made within two weeks of the day the exam is given. An appeal for the third exam must be made by Final Exam review.

Final Exam: The two-hour Final Exam will be worth 200 points. It will be based on the entire course, including material covered after the third in-class exam. It will be common for all Math 246 sections. If you miss the Final Exam, and if by the next day you present a legitimate, well-documented excuse showing that for reasons beyond your control it was absolutely impossible for you to take the Final Exam, and if you have taken all the in-class exams and have a C- or better at the time of the Final Exam, then you will receive a grade of I for the course. In all other cases a score of zero will be assigned for the Final Exam and your course grade will be evaluated accordingly. If the University closes on the day of a scheduled final exam, then it will be given whenever the University reschedules it.

Disabled Student Services (DSS): If you have a disability that might affect your performance on these timed exams, you may contact the DSS office in Shoemaker Building. If they assess that you merit either private conditions and/or extra time then they will give you forms with which you must notify your instructors. This notification must be renewed for each course each semester. Because instructors must be notified of the DSS assessment at least one week before you use their service, you should arrange for it well in advance. Once I have been notifed, you may arrange to take your exams at DSS with the extra time they indicate by giving me a "Test Authorization Form" one week prior to each time you plan to use their service. Your testing time at DSS must overlap the entire in-class exam time.

Bombs Away: If the score on one of your in-class exams is more than twenty points below the scores you got on your other two in-class exams and half your final exam score, it will be declared a "bomb", and treated as if you missed it (see above). This means you must have a 5 or better on two of the quizzes covering the material on the exam and earn a C- or better on all the other exams (without missing any) and for this policy to apply.

Study Advice: The best way to study for in-class exams is (in order of importance):

  1. work the Sample Problems before the review,
  2. study the relevant quizzes (solutions are on-line),
  3. do the assigned homework,
  4. study examples in the notes and text.
The best way to study for the Final Exam is (in order of importance):
  1. work the Sample Problems before the review,
  2. study all in-class exams (solutions are on-line),
  3. study all quizzes (solutions are on-line),
  4. review the assigned homework,
  5. study examples in the notes and text.

Solutions to the sample problems will be posted on this web page shortly before the review. Many of these solutions will be discussed during the review. If you cannot attend the review then send a trusted spy. The sample problems for an exam can help you in several ways: