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Fig. S1 . Adjacency rule conformance, vs total wirecost, of 100,000 C. elegans ganglion layouts randomly sampled from the set of all 11! possible layouts.(1)  Adjacency rule:  If two components are connected, then they are adjacent to each other.(1)  A layout is scored in terms of its number of violations of this "all or nothing" adjacency rule.  Correlation between good adjacency rule performance and cheap wirecost is not strong (r2 = 0.05); generally, the adjacency rule is not an effective means to good wirecost. However, the small set of nematode nervous system layouts best fitting the adjacency rule--the points at the far left--behave markedly differently:  they correspond closely to the best wirecost layouts.  (The larger point at the far left of the dispersion diagram represents the actual, minimum-wirecost layout.)  Thus, good adjacency rule scores are worth exploring as a surrogate for wirecost of layouts.  

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