Howard Lasnik
Distinguished University Professor

Dept of Linguistics
1106 Marie Mount Hall
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

Phone: (301) 405-4929
Fax: (301) 405-7104
<lasnik [AT] UMD [DOT] edu>

CV (July, 2020)

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2011, "The syntax of pronoun interpretation: Some recurrent themes", U. of Maryland MayFest - The Interpretation of Pronouns
2011, "Another look at island repair by deletion", Islands in Contemporary Linguistic Theory, University of the Basque Country.
2011, "The notion of derivations in linguistics: Syntax", 50 Years of Linguistics at MIT, MIT.
2012, "A reconsideration of island repair by deletion", Leiden University.
2013, "Levels of representation and semantic interpretation: Some recurrent themes", Semantics and Philosophy in Europe 6, Saint-Petersburg State University.
2013, "On certain bleeding orders", Workshop on Opacity in Grammar, University of Leipzig.
2014, with T. Grano. "How to neutralize a finite clause boundary: Phase theory and the grammar of bound pronouns," Pronouns@Tübingen 2: Pronouns in Embedded Contexts at the Syntax-Semantics Interface. University of Tübingen.
2014, "Family of questions: Nuclear or extended?" Harvard University.
2015, "On the Evaluation Metric" GALANA, University of Maryland
2015, "Islands and ellipsis: A Reexamination", GRASPING ELLIPSIS: its syntax, semantics, acquisition and processing, University of Campinas.
2015, "Clause-mates, phases and two families of questions", University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
2016, "Bound pronouns and the theory of Phases", Jersey Syntax Circle: Prospects for the Theory of Syntax, Princeton.
2016, "Clause-mates, phases, and bound pronouns", Kraków Syntax Lab 2016, Jagiellonian University.
2016, "Shrinking trees: Some early history", Shrinking Trees Workshop, Universität Leipzig.
2017, "Clause-mates, phases, and bound pronouns", X Congresso Internacional da ABRALIN, Universidade Federal Fluminense.
2017, "Locality and quasi-locality: New approaches to old paradigms / old approaches to new paradigms", University of Arizona.
2017, "Locality and Quasi-Locality: Old and New Approaches to 'Clause-mate' Phenomena". UCLA Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese, Lois E. Matthews Lecture.
2017, "Clause reduction, clause permeability, and their syntactic effects: A selective history". (3 lecture mini-course), South China Normal University, School of Foreign Studies.
2017, "Clauses, Quasi-clauses, and Phases: A surprising generalization and a speculation", Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.
2018, "UConn Syntax: Some lasting insights and their interactions ", 50 Years of Linguistics at UCONN.
2018, "Re-reconsidering ECM", Generative Grammar at the Speed of Ninety, U. of Arizona.
2019, "Exceptional Case-marking: Perspectives Old and New", 25th Annual Graduate Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, and TESOL Symposium, Arizona State U.
2019, "Ellipsis and identity: Reflections on “Guess Who?”, Sluicing+@50, U. of Chicago.
2019, "The syntax-semantics interface: Some recurrent themes", The International Symposium on Interfaces in Generative Linguistics, South China Normal University.
2019, "A reconsideration of Exceptional Case-Marking", South China Normal University.
2019, "Reflections on ellipsis and identity", Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.
2019, "The development of generative grammar", Zhejiang University.
2020, "Levels of Representation and Semantic Interpretation: A Brief History and a Case Study", Abralin ao Vivo – Linguists Online.

Current Course
Ling 819 Spring 2021 'On Raising'

Recent Courses
LING889A Fall 2020 Professional Methods

Ling 610 Fall 2020 Syntactic Theory
Ling 610 Fall 2019 (with Omer Preminger)
Ling 819E Spring 2019 Conceptions of the Cycle (with Juan Uriagereka)
Ling 610 Fall 2018 Syntactic Theory

LING889A Fall 2018 Professional Methods
Ling 819 Spring 2018 Ellipsis

Ling 610 Fall 2017 Syntactic Theory
Ling 819 Spring 2017  Not Quite Complete Trees
LING889A Fall 2016 Professional Methods

Ling 610 Fall 2016 Syntactic Theory
Ling 819 Spring 2016 Quantification and Anaphora
Ling 610 Fall 2015 Syntactic Theory

Ling 819 Spring 2015 Ellipsis
Ling 610
Fall 2014 Syntactic Theory

LING889E Fall 2014 Professional Methods
Ling 611  Spring 2014 Issues in Syntax (with Norbert Hornstein)
Ling 610 Fall 2013 Syntactic Theory

Ling 819 Fall 2013 The Syntax of Long Distance Dependencies (with Norbert Hornstein)
Ling 611  Spring 2013 Issues in Syntax (with Masahiko Takahashi
Ling 819 Spring 2013 'On Raising'
Ling 610 Fall 2012 Syntactic Theory
LING689A Fall 2012 Professional Methods
Ling 610 Fall 2011 Syntactic Theory
Ling 819 Fall 2011 Possible and Impossible Structures (with Terje Lohndal)
Ling 819 Spring 2011 Ellipsis and Violation Repair (with Norbert Hornstein)
Ling 610 Fall 2010 Syntactic Theory

Ling 689D/889D Classic Readings in Syntax (with Tonia Bleam)
Ling 819 Spring 2010 'Syntax of Quantification'
Ling 610 Fall 2009 Syntactic Theory
Ling 611  Spring 2009 Issues in Syntax
(with Norbert Hornstein)
Ling 819 Spring 2009 'The Development of Binding Theory'
LING 610 Fall 2008 Syntactic Theory
Nanzan University Summer 2008 Course

Nanzan University Summer 2007 Course
LING 819 Seminar in Syntactic Theory: Issues in Ellipsis   Spring 2007
LING689A/889A Professional Methods  Spring 2007
LSA Course 2005: LSA 208

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Syntactic Theory; Logical Form; Learnability.

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