LING 819   Spring 2009
The Development of Binding Theory 1955-

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Jan. 27.  Class cancelled  - snow
Feb. 3.    Handout I, pp. 1-11.
             Pages of LSLT and Aspects referenced in Handout.
             Lees and Klima 1963
             Langacker 1969
             Postal 1966; 1969 pp.415-423
Feb. 10.  Continue with Feb. 3 stuff, and add Rosenbaum and Postal on EQUI (Control) structures.
             (The Postal is pretty long; just try to get the basic gist.)
Feb. 17. Langacker (finally!); Rosenbaum; Ross 1969; Postal on Equi.
           [Here's the McCawley 1970 paper I mentioned on pronouns as DS indices.]
Feb. 24.  An EQUI-fest! The Rosenbaum, Ross, and Postal stuff linked above.
            [Here's the passage from Aspects about the undesirability of separating out linear order from phrase structure.]
March 3.  The Postal EQUI paper; Perlmutter "The two verbs 'begin'" (which gives the classic arguments for EQUI vs. Raising). 'Interpretive' theories of anaphora: Jackendoff Ch. 4 of Semantic Interpretation in Generative Grammar.
March 10. Continue with the Postal paper, and finish reading the Jackendoff chapter.
March 24. Continue with Jackendoff; at least browse Wasow's diss., chapters 1, 2, and 4.  Also, start thinking about your paper and presentation topic(s).
March 31. Finish with Jackendoff; read more of Wasow; refresh your memory of Chomsky's "Conditions on Transformations"; take a look at my 1976 "Remarks on Coreference".
April 7. Finish reading "Remarks on Coreference". At least browse these four papers by Reinhart: "Syntactic Domains for Semantic Rules"; "Definite NP Anaphora and C-Command Domains"; "Coreference and Bound Anaphora"; "Center and Periphery in the Grammar of Anaphora".
April 14. Continue the April 7 stuff.

Proposal for term paper due April 21. The paper can be on any topic connected with anaphora.

April 21. The Reinhart articles we didn't get to. Here is the Evans article whose ideas Reinhart develops. And here are two papers of mine responding to Reinhart and to Evans: 'On the Necessity of Binding Conditions'; 'Pronouns and Non-coreference'.
April 28. Continue April 21 stuff. And here's Reinhart's 1999 development of her 1983 approach: "Strategies of Anaphora Resolution". A 1980 paper of mine discussing the semantic interpretation of indexing relations: ' On Two Recent Treatments of Disjoint Reference'.
May 5. Show and Tell part 1. Presenters will be Rebecca and Annie. [If there's time and interest afterwards, we can talk about Chomsky's early minimalist (Ch. 3) theory of 'reconstruction'. Here are two HOs, one on Condition C reconstruction, the other on Condition A reconstruction.