LSA 208: How to Evade Moving Violations

Room 32-123
Monday, Wednesday 4:50-6:30
(July 18-August 3)

Howard Lasnik
Office: 32D-766

Course requirement:
EITHER a paper (maximum 5 pages) on some topic relating to movement, ellipsis, or their interaction
OR 3 questions about the course material, to be submitted to me by e-mail. (It is permissable to submit a question that you have asked during a class session.)

The 2nd week of class, I will definitely be in the office Mon. July 25and Wed. July 27 from 2:00 until class.
I will be around a lot of other times too, so send me an e-mail, or ask me at class if you want to get together.

Background reading (reader available at Copy Tech Center)

Detailed handouts will be posted at this site regularly. Please print them out and bring them to class.

There is one long handout divided into 6 sections. They are of varying length, so we won't cover exactly one per class.
1st week: Sections 1 and at least part of 2 (my best advance estimate)

Section 1 Strong Features, Defective PF Objects, and Ellipsis
Section 2 Sluicing 2 [Island violation repair]

NEW ( Posted 7/23/05)
Section 2 Appendix: P-stranding
Section 3 Overt Object Shift
Section 4 The EPP

During Week 2 of the class, we will continue looking at island violation repair (HO Section 2, including new appendix).
We will then examine the EPP, to determine its nature and the potential repairability of violations. Section 4 is the core of the discussion, with Section 3 mostly as background about the EPP in the object domain.

.NEW ( Posted 7/28/05)
Section 5 Case Filter Repair
Section 6 More Sluicing Repairs

During Week 3, we will look at the EPP, the Case Filter, Mulitple Sluicing, and Swiping for possible interactions with 'repair'.

Here is the bibliography for the entire handout, subject to revision as I finalize the remaining sections.

Background reading for 1st week (All are in the course reader):
- Chomsky, Noam. 1972. Some empirical issues in the theory of transformational grammar. In Goals of linguistic theory, ed. Paul Stanley Peters. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall Inc. [Reprinted in Chomsky 1972, Studies on semantics in generative grammar. Walter De Gruyter, Berlin, pp. 120-202. (EXCERPT pp. 130-34)]
- Fox, Danny, and Howard Lasnik. 2003. Successive cyclic movement and island repair: The difference between Sluicing and VP Ellipsis. Linguistic Inquiry 34: 143-154.
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For 2nd week add:
Lasnik, H. 2005. Review of Jason Merchant The Syntax of Silence. Language 81: 259-265. [Listed as In press in the reader.]

For 3rd week add:
-Lasnik, Howard, and Myung-Kwan Park. 2003. The EPP and the Subject Condition under Sluicing. Linguistic Inquiry 34: 649-660.
-Nishigauchi, Taisuke. 1998. 'Multiple Sluicing' in Japanese and the functional nature of wh-phrases. Journal of East Asian Linguistics 7: 121-152. (EXCERPT pp. 144-48; pp.150-51)
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