Professor Emeritus
Committee for Philosophy and the Sciences
Department of Philosophy
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

301 405-5689

Cherniak's research falls in theory of knowledge and in neuroanatomy. The underlying linkage between the two areas concerns models of the agent: Some of the work focusses on more realistic, bounded-resource theories of rationality; from this epistemology stems a research program focussed on optimal-wiring models of brain structure.

PHIL_485  Philosophy of Neuroscience  

PHIL 670  Epistemology  (Satisfies graduate student core requirement)

The course examines interrelations between naturalized theories of knowledge and cognitive science, with focus on the distinctive character of the issues and methods of epistemology, and on questions about the relevance to them of the computational, psychological, and neural reality of the epistemic agent.  Topics include: Descartes' traditional position, and Quine's holistic neo-pragmatism; the "web of belief"; Quinean naturalism and its inheritors--epistemology as just one more element of total science; and meta-philosophy: what is the relation between philosophy and the special sciences? -- A Kantian vs. Quinean perspective.


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Neuroscience, etc.

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( Extended Version: )
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