COMM 453
Spring 2010

COMM 453
The Power of Discourse in American Life


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Welcome to the home page for
COMM 453: The Power of Discourse in American Life.

My goal on this site is to provide information that will facilitate the learning of students in the course. Your suggestions for material are welcomed.

In preparation for the final

There will be questions on your exam having to do with the following pieces of discourese: A column by Sally Jenkins, a speech by President Obama. You may have to sign up for an account with the Washington Post to access the Jenkins column, but I have never had spam generated from my WP account, so I think it is safe.

You may feel free to read and familiarize yourself with these two pieces of discourse prior to the exam. I will reproduce the relevant excerpts on the exam so you do not need to bring copies of this discourse to the exam. Of course, the questions I want you to answer about these pieces of discourse will also be on the exam.


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  • Watch for additional material during the semester.

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