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Analyzing Your Midterm Grades


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First, total your points on each section and identify your letter grade on that section from the following table:

  Sec. 1 Sec. 2 Sec. 3 & 4 Sec. 5
A 39-42 26-28 18-20 9-10
B 36 24 16-17 8
C 30-33 20-22 14-15 7
D 27 18 12-14 6
F 24 Dwn 16 Dwn 11 Dwn 5 Dwn

Compare your grade on each section to the total letter grade you received on the exam (or, if you prefer, the grade you want from the class). Determine which sections lowered your grade.

The following tells you how to interpret your weakness on those sections.

Section 1: You are understanding the basic concepts of the course insufficiently. This should have been the easiest part of the exam. You will have a difficult time on the Final unless you work harder to master the basic concepts. If you are not understanding the basic concepts, coming in to work on things you missed during office hours would be advisable.

Section 2: When asked to produce the vocabulary to analyze the power of discourse without being prompted, you are having difficulty. You will be unable to perform well on the Final until you are able to recall and correctly deploy this vocabulary. You have most all the vocabulary you will need by the midterm, so going back and picking up that vocabulary (not just the things missed here) will be a good idea before the final.

Section 3 & 4: You are having a difficult time reproducing basic concepts that underly the course. If you did well on Section 1 and not on these, you are OK when prompted, but having trouble generating the concepts with precision on your own. This will limit your ability to do well on the final, both on questions testing your understanding of concepts and on questions that ask you to analyze discourse.

Section 5: This question is most like the kind of thing you will be asked to do on the final exam. You need to understand why your answer on this item was weak. If you do not, office hours would be a good idea.

The above will allow you to analyze your weaknesses. If you do not understand them, office hours are a good idea.