Motivations in Personal Relationships


"I don't know what I am going to do, Dr. Phil!"

We will work through this application in a class discussion. Please have your journal entry submitted and be prepared for the discussion by April 13.

Step 1

Read Virginia's Kidd's essay on advice columns in magazines. (You will need to have the id and password from the written syllabus to access this file.)

Step 2

Your job is to update Kidd. First, find out where people today get advice on their love relationships? Where would you go to get it? Also, ask your friends. Where would they go to get it? Do you go online? On television? Get it from others you know? In particular magazines? In newspapers? From movies? Where?

Step 3

Now time to see how the motives have changed from Kidd's time. Access some of this advice. What motives structure that advice? Bring copies of the material you find to class.

Write a journal entry ( 1-2 pages) modeled on Kidd's Vision I, II or III sections to capture the motive. This entry must be posted before class on April 13.

And be prepared to present an analysis of the material that you have in class.

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