EDMS 623: Applied Measurement: Issues and Practices   A graduate-level course on classical and modern test theory. Topics include reliability and validity of test scores, generalizability theory, factor analysis, and item response theory.

EDMS 646: General Linear Model I   A graduate-level course on linear models. Topics include simple and multiple linear regression, analysis of variance/covariance (ANOVA/ANCOVA), and power analysis.

EDMS 651: General Linear Model II   A follow-up course of EDMS 646. Topics include generalized linear models, nonlinear and nonparametric regression, and related estimation methods.

EDMS 724: Modern Measurement Theory   A graduate-level course on item response theory (IRT). Topics include standard IRT models for dichotomous and polytomous data, parameter estimation, model fit assessment, and applications.

EDMS 787: Bayesian Inference and Analysis   A graduate-level course on Bayesian statistics. Topics include the statistical theory of Bayesian inference, Monte Carlo methods, model evaluation, and applications.

EDMS 738R: Diagnostics for Item Response Models   An advanced seminar course on model evaluation and assessment for IRT models. Two basic techniques---Monte Carlo method and asymptotic theory---are introduced and applied to develop formal tests of model assumptions.