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Rhetoric of the Internet

Spring 2004

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Group Assignment #1

Group Assignment #2

Group Assignment #3

Website Analysis

Impact of Internet

Final Exam

Class Discussion

Weighting of Grades


Academic Integrity


James F. Klumpp

Department of Communication

College of Arts and Humanities

University of Maryland


Assignments and Grading

Weight in Grading

  • Rhetorical Evaluation of Website - 35%
  • Impact of the Internet on Communication - 35%
  • Final Exam - 20%
  • Contributions to Class Discussion including Group Assignments- 10%

Final Exam

There will be a short (one or two question) essay exam. Make-ups will only be an option for those notifying me in advance that you will be unable to make the regularly scheduled exam and providing a documented reason in line with University policies on excused absences (see University of Maryland Undergraduate Catalog, ch. 4, pp. 36-38). The examination is "closed book" and all rules of the Code of Academic Integrity (see University of Maryland Undergraduate Catalog, ch. 4, pp. 44-47) apply, including the use of the University Honor Pledge. 20% of grade.

Class Discussion

A grade will be assigned based on the degree of your contribution to the classroom discussion. 10% of grade.


As in all University courses, an "Incomplete Contract" will need to be negotiated if all work is not completed by the end of the semester, or a grade of "F" will be assigned to missing work.

Academic Integrity

You are responsible for knowing the university's Code of Academic Integrity (see University of Maryland Undergraduate Catalog, ch. 4, pp. 44-47). The principles governing that policy are two-fold: (1) the work that I should mark as yours is material that you have authored, and (2) you have the responsibility to give recognition to others whose work you incorporate in your projects. You should review the university's policy and make certain that you implement these two principles. I encourage group study, but in preparing your projects and in the examination room, work should come from your hand. I will ask all students to complete and sign the honor code on projects and examination.


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