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Rhetoric of the Internet

Spring 2004

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Group Assignment #1

Group Assignment #2

Group Assignment #3

Website Analysis

Impact of Internet

Final Exam

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James F. Klumpp

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Group Assignment #2:

A Variety of Purposes


Thinking of different purposes for websites and how to adapt to those purposes.

Final Product

  • A 20 minute class presentation on either February 24 (chapters 2-4) or February 26 (chapters 5-6).
  • The presentation should explain to the class:
    • The unique characteristics of users with the purpose covered in your chapter
    • Identify principles learned about general website design from studying your particular purpose.
  • Remember, the rest of the class will not have read your chapter. You should present them with the important information from the chapter and given them some idea of why they might want to read the chapter.

Time frame for project

  • No class time provided.
  • Assignments of groups on February 10.
  • Class presentation on schedule above

Suggested procedure

  1. Read your chapters in Benum.
  2. Meet briefly in week of February 10-12 to set up meeting time for group during week of February 12-23.
  3. Meet one time to discuss chapter and identify points for class presentation.
  4. Between meetings find websites to illustrate points for class presentation.
  5. Meet a second time to select websites, divide up tasks, and plan presentation.
  6. May want to meet a third time to practice presentation.

Members of Group

Group 1: Learners: Kevin Brotspies, Michael Buettner, Katie Carpenter, Seth Perelman

Group 2: Shoppers: Mike Bodnar, Harrison DeStefano, Ruben Diaz, Paul Heayn.

Group 3: Connection Seekers: Jena Baker, David Frederick, Kelly Frere, Nicholas Okunubi

Group 4: Transactors: Allen Fowler, Robert Myers, Holly Neff, Veronica Rodriquez

Group 5: Business Browsers: Arya Seleh, Ron Thomas, Henri Makembe

Group 6: Fun Seekers: David Camuzano, Susan Osterlitz, Michael Piercey, Shahab Shokouhi-Behman

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