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Rhetoric of the Internet

Spring 2004

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James F. Klumpp

Department of Communication

College of Arts and Humanities

University of Maryland


Group Assignment #1:

Analyze and redesign the class website


Using what you have learned about rhetorical analysis and from your readings, redesign the class website.

Final Product

  • A group approved redesign of the course home page and one or two additional pages.
  • A classroom presentation of no more than 3 minutes explaining and justifying the changes in the website.

Time frame for project

  • Class time provided on February 10 and 12.
  • Final product is due on February 17.
  • Class presentation of redesign, February 19

Suggested procedure

  1. Figure out who the users of this website are
  2. Develop persona(s) for the user(s)
  3. Discuss changes to make in the website
  4. Designate a group member to prepare a redesigned website for Thursday (redesign of home page and template for other pages). That member should email url to members of group (and the instructor) in time for them to view it by Thursday.
  5. Refine that design during class on Thursday
  6. Prepare a 3 minute presentation explaining your web design and reasons for its character for presentation on February 19.
  7. Email URL to instructor by Tuesday, February 17

Members of Group

Determined in Class on February 10

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