• Dinosaurs of the District of Columbia
    Available at local book stores.
  • I Can Find a Dinosaur Myself
    A Photograph Book that summarizes how students have helped search for dinosaurs.
  • Dinosaurs of Maryland
    Dinosaur remains are distributed in three different rock units in Maryland. Dinosaurs of the very earliest and latest types are found here.
  • Iron Ores of Maryland
    Notes on the Sedimentary Iron Ores of Maryland and their Dinosaurian Fauna
  • Mostly Dinosaurs
    A review of the vertebrates of the Potomac Group Aptian Arundel Formation
  • New Fossil Turtles from the Potomac Group
    Only one genus of turtle has previously been recorded from the Potomac Group (Arundel Formation) (Aptian Age), Maryland, USA. Evidence for at least two new genera and possibly a third is presented. All specimens come from a single locality.
  • Astrodon Rediscovered: America’s First Sauropod
    Why are people today so interested in dinosaurs? This is a question frequently asked by the public. Oddly enough, it does have an answer.
  • Astrodon johnston: the Maryland State Dinosaur is a Maryland Geological Survey factsheet.
  • Blast From the Past
    Without the diggers and blasters our museum exhibits would be a lot more empty than they are today. This article relates several stories of Capital area fossil discoveries by non-paleontologists.