Before the Bone Wars: Dinosaurs of the National Capital Region

Features of the Exhibit

This exhibit was featured in an article Maryland dinosaur relics on display in The Sun on November 24, 2000, pg 12B.

Highlights of article

  • This is the largest collection of dinosaur related items from Maryland and the District of Columbia
  • The exhibit includes fossils from the Triassic, Jurassic, Upper and Lower Crustaceous periods
  • Includes a cast of a tooth from Astrodon johnstoni
  • Dinofest opened in Chicago on December 1, 2000 and continued through January 7, 2001

Activities for Children

  1. Photo opportunities with dinosaur and paleontologist cutouts
  2. "Touch a fossil" -- a chance to touch real dinosaur bones and other fossils
  3. Amber block -- look for trapped "fossils"
  4. "Walk like a dinosaur" -- a chance to compare visitor's stride and footprints to those of a dinosaur
  5. Dinosaur tracks you can touch
  6. A fossil cycadeoid -- a giant fossil tree you can touch

Display Features

  1. Videotapes of local fossil expeditions
  2. Picture books of local fossil expeditions
  3. Newspaper articles of local dinosaur finds
  4. Paintings by Gregory S. Paul, the noted local artist who worked on "Jurassic Park"
  5. Drawings and paintings by other local artists
  6. History of dinosaur discoveries in the National Capital Region
  7. Clay models made by local school children from clay in which dinosaur fossils were found
  8. More than 100 fossil specimens including dinosaur bones, teeth and tracks
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December 2000