Learning to Name and Write Formulas:

- Determining the type of compound you are working with.

- Applying the rules for naming or formula writing for that type of compound.

- Practicing until it becomes second nature.

How to Name Binary Ionic Compounds

Binary ionic compounds are made up of a metal bonded to a non-metal. You'll need to make sure you can quickly tell the type of chemical compound.

Video: Naming Binary Ionic Compounds

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  • Name the metal (the first element) as it appears on the Periodic Table.
    • K+ = Potassium     Ca2+ = Calcium     Al3+ = Aluminum

  • For the non-metal (the second element in the formula) write the name as it appears on the Periodic Table and then replace the ending with ide.
    • MgCl2 = Magnesium chlorine = Magnesium chloride
    • AlP = Aluminum phosphorus = Aluminum phosphide
    • K2O = Potassium oxygen = Potassium oxide