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Blackbody Source Radiance

TK Solver Model for the spectral radiance of a blackbody source.

Variable sheet:
St Input     Name    Output    Unit      Comment                                
   200       lambda            nm        wavelength of light (nm, , m, cm)    
             freq    1.499E15  Hz        frequency (Hz)                         
             E       9.933E-19 Joule     energy (Joule, erg, eV, kcal/mole)     
             v       50000     cm-1      wavenumber (cm-1)                      
   5000      T                 K         Temperature (K, C)                     
   .06       epsilon                     emisivity                              
             Blambda .00126999 W/sr/nm/c Spectral radiance (W/sr/nm/cm2)        
             B       67.67625  W/sr/cm2  Total radiance over all wavelengths    
             peak    579.4     nm        Peak wavelength  (nm, , m, cm)       
   50        d                 cm        distance from source to receptor       
   2         h                 mm        height of effective source             
   4         w                 mm        width of effective source              
             As      .08       cm2       Area of effective source               
   1         Ar                cm2       Area of receptor                       
             Er      4.064E-8  W/nm/cm2  Spectral irradiance at receptor        

Rule sheet.
Er=Blambda*As/(d*d)* lambda = 1/v                                                                  
* Blambda = epsilon*1.19111E16*nm^-5/(exp(1.438e7/(nm*T))-1)                    
* E = (6.6261E-34)*freq                                                         
* freq = (2.998E10)/lambda                                                      
* B=epsilon*1.8047e-12*T^4                                                      
* peak=2.897e6/T                                                                
* RJ=1e-7*2*2.998E10*1.38e-23*T/lambda^4                                        
* nm=lambda*1e7                                                                 
* exponent=1.438e7/(nm*T)                                                       
* LambdaT=nm*T                                                                  
* As=h*w                                                                        
* Er=Blambda*As/(d*d)                                                           
Download the Blackbody Source Radiance model.

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T. C. O'Haver, Chem 623, 1994