Selected Journal Articles

Subramaniam, M., Koren, N., Morehouse, S. & Weintrop, D. (2022). Capturing Computational Thinking in Public Libraries: An Examination of Assessment Strategies, Audience, and Mindset. [Link to full article]

Subramaniam, M. & Braun, L.W. (2021). Crisis-related research in service to practice: Researchers step up. [Link to full article]

Subramaniam, M., Hoffman, K.M., Davis, K. & Pitt, C. (2021). Designing a connected learning toolkit for public library staff serving youth through the design-based implementation research method. Library and Information Science Research. [Link to full article]

Subramaniam, M., Pang, N, Morehouse, S. & Asgarali-Hoffman, S.N. (2020). Examining vulnerability in youth digital information practices scholarship: What are we missing and exhausting?. Children and Youth Review. [Link to full article ]

Subramaniam, M., Scaff, K., Hoffman, K., & Davis, K. (2018). Using technology to support equity and inclusion in youth library programming: Current practices and future opportunities. Library Quarterly. [Full paper ]

Kodama, C., St. Jean, B., Subramaniam, M. & Taylor, N. G. (2017). There's a creepy guy on the other end at Google!: Engaging middle school students in a drawing activity to elicit their mental models of Google. Information Retrieval Journal. [Full paper]

Subramaniam, M. (2016). Designing the library of the future for and with teens: Librarians as the “connector” in connected learning. Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults. [Full paper] * Winner of the 2015 YALSA Midwinter Paper presentation*

Subramaniam, M., St. Jean, B., Taylor, N. G., Kodama, C., Follman, R., & Casciotti, D. (2015). Bit by bit: Using design-based research to improve young peoples’ health literacy. Journal of Medical Internet Research Protocols. [Full paper] * Winner of the ALISE-LMC Best Paper Award, ALISE & Libraries Unlimited*

St. Jean, B., Subramaniam, M., Taylor, N. G., Follman, R., Kodama, C., & Casciotti, D. (2015). The influence of positive hypothesis testing on youths’ online health-related information seeking. New Library World. [Link to full article]

Taylor, N. G., Subramaniam, M., & Waugh, A. (2015). The school librarian as the learning alchemist: Transforming the future of education. American Libraries. [Full paper]

Subramaniam, M. Taylor, N. G., St. Jean, B., Follman, R., Kodama, C., & Casciotti, D. (2015). As simple as that?: Tween credibility assessment in a complex online world. Journal of Documentation. [Link to full article] * Winner of the ALA LRRT Round Table/Beta Phi Mu Best Research Paper Award *

Subramaniam, M., Ahn, J., Waugh, A., Taylor, N. G., Druin, A., Fleischmann, K., & Walsh, G. (2014). The role of school librarians in enhancing science learning. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science. [Full paper] * Recognized as ALA LIRT Top Twenty Papers for 2015*]

Subramaniam, M., Ahn, J., Waugh, A., Taylor, N. G., Druin, A., Fleischmann, K., & Walsh, G. (2013). Crosswalk between the framework for K-12 science education and Standards for the 21st century learner: School librarians as the crucial link. School Library Research. [Full paper] * Recognized as ALA LIRT Top Twenty Papers for 2013*

Selected Conference Presentations