The Discourse of Social Movements:

The Civil Rights Movement


Fall 1996

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  • Information on the Course

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    Material on Units of the Course

    Unit I: Introduction

  • Daily Schedule for the Unit
  • Unit II: Organizing the Movement

    Unit III: A Question of Tactics

    Unit IV: The March on Washington

    Unit V: Diverging Voices

    Unit VI: Explosion: Issues Multiply, Ghettos Burn

  • Daily Schedule for the Unit
  • Notes on Power
  • Notes on the Late 60s
  • On the Oakland CA based Black Panther Party
  • Bobby Seale's Home Page
  • Bobby Seale's Photo Album of the Black Panthers
  • Black Panther Home Page of Baltimore Afro American
  • More Black Panther Rhetoric
  • A Website devoted to the Panthers
  • A sympathetic account of the Party
  • A short history of civil rights at the time
  • Unit VII: After the Movement

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