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Last updated: December 20, 2004

Negotiations have been opened on preserving the Muirkirk Dinosaur Site. It appears that the property which is currently owned by Cherokee-Sanford will be sold for light industrial use. On November 30, 2004, the Prince George's County Council passed an amendment to County Bill 92-2004 requiring the developers to include the issue of paleontology in their site plan. During the next months a solution to preserving the fossil site is likely to be achieved.

The Emmitsburg Track Site is likely to be part of a water treatment development site plan. The developers have express a willingness to consider donating the part of the property containing the track quarry to the state. There is to be a hearing related to the proposed development on December 16, 2004 in Frederick, Maryland.

The fossil location at Brightseat (Sheriff and Brightseat Roads) has as yet not yielded any vertebrate or invertebrate fossils. There may be some plant fossils of uncertain age. Stay tuned for further developments.

Last updated: November 3, 2004

As indicated in the special alert, there is a real possibility that the Cherokee-Sandord property containing the Muikirk Dinosaur Site is about to be/has been sold for industrial use. Dr. Kranz is still attempting to get accurate information as to the potential fate of the fossil site. In the meanwhile, it would be helpful if interested parties would send emails either to or expressing the importance of preserving the site. Schools in Prince George's County have been contacted to help in the effort.

There is a new exposure of Upper Cretaceous/Lower Paleocene beds at Brightseat Road between Sheriff and Landover Roads in Brightseat, Maryland. If any fossils are uncovered they could be important.

Last updated: October 12, 2004

The last scheduled dinosaurhunt/fossil field trip mentioned in the Washington Post of August 27, 2004, will meet at 10AM at the Oxon Hill Farm Parking lot on October 2, 2004. Call (202) 547-3326 for registration and details.

Volunteers are still welcome to sign up to work on the turtle fossil preparation. Call (202) 547-3326.

The dinosaur cutouts from the Capital Children's Museum have been donated to the Dinosaur Garden at Watkins Elementary School (DCPS).

Dr. Kranz's "I Can Find a Dinosaur Myself" is now in print. It retails for $9.95 US. Copies can be purchased from the Dinosaur Fund and it will soon be in local bookstores.

Westminster Academy of Annandale, Virginia is currently working on the artifacts from the Latchford Home site. They will be repairing and identifying them.

Last updated: September 6, 2004

The Dinosaur Fund will sponsor four Fossil Field Trip/Dinosaur Hunts on September 4, 12, 18 and October 2nd with the exception of September 18th all meet at 10AM at the parking lot at Oxon Hill Farm. The September 18th trip will meet at 10AM at Watkins Park Nature Center. Suggested donations are $50.00 per family and $35.00 per individual.

On September 25th, there will be a lecture and book signing in the main lobby of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library in Washington, DC. The program starts at noon.

The Traveling Dinosaur Exhibit will be split between two venues during September and October, 2004. Part will be at the MLK,Jr. Library in DC to accompany the Saturday, September 25th lecture and part will be at the Greenbelt Park Ranger Station to accompany the October 16th program.

The fossil turtle will be excavated from its rock tomb during the Fall, 2004 by volunteers at the Maryland Science Center. If you have fossil preparation experience and wish to volunteer, call the Dinosaur Fund at (202) 547-3326 or the Maryland Science Center at (410) 545-5904.

The May 2004 Issue #7 of the Mosasaur was released in August, 2004. It contains a print version of Dr. Kranz's "Astrodon Rediscover" in which the discovery of America's First Saurapod is described along with some interesting facts about just what the first reported dinosaur find in America may have been.

The Capital Children's Museum closed on August 22, 2004 and kindly donated many items to Watkins E.S. Among the donated items are some dinosaur cutouts which will be placed in the Dinosaur Garden at the school.

Dr. Kranz's book "I Can Find a Dinosaur Myself" previously available only as an ebook, should be available in a limited print edition at his lecture at the MLK,Jr. Library on Saturday, September 25th. At some point in the near future, it should also be in book stores.

Last updated: August 6, 2004

The fossil turtle found late in June 2004 (correct date Friday June 25) has been accepted and delivered to the Maryland Science Center. The plan is to work on its preparation in public. Work will likely begin in the Fall 2004.

Two sessions of Dinosaur Camp remain for summer 2004. DropOff Camp is the week of August 2 and Family Camp is the week of August 16. Contact the Dinosaur Fund at (202) 547-3326 or for details.

In addition to the program at the DC Public Library on September 25 at noon, a public program will be held on October 16 at the Greenbelt Park Ranger Station. Field trip programs are scheduled for September 4, 12, 18 and October 2. Contact DinosaurFund at (202) 547-3326 or for details. Or check August 27, 2004 Saturday's Child to be published in the Washington Post Weekend Section.

Volunteers who have experience in fossil preparation are needed to work on the fossile turtle found in June of 2004. If you are interested, work will be in public at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore. Apply to DinosaurFund at (202) 547-3326 or

For the remainder of the Summer 2004 a display of life-size dinosaur models can be seen at the Baltimore Zoo. Visitors who have seen it enjoyed the display.

Last updated: July 6, 2004

Dropoff Dinosaur Camp for children, second grade and older, will be held the weeks of July 26 and August 2. Call the Capital Children's Museum at (202) 675-4181 to register. Family Dinosaur Camp for children and adults of all ages will be held the weeks of July 19 and August 16. Call the DinosaurFund at (202) 547-3326.

On Friday June 27 Terri Fudala, a participant in DinosaurCamp, noteiced a fossil. It has been determined to be a large turtle possibly. It was found in a small creek which enters Piscataway Bay in Fort Washington, Maryland. It is about 2 feet wide by 3 feet long. It is currently enclosed in a block of rock weighing about 150 pounds. The block came from zone 3 of the Aquia formation (Paleocene). The age is estimated at a million years. If all goes as planned it will be donated to a scientific institution. Any appropriate group may apply to the DinosaurFund at for possession of the specimen.

Dr. Kranz will present a program for the general public called "Dinosaurs of the District of Columbia" on Monday July 12 at the Chevy Chase Branch of the DC Public Library. The program is free. A similar program as well as an exhibit will be presented at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library on Saturday September 25 at noon.

On September 18, 2004 the Watkins Nature Center in Largo, Maryland will sponsor a fossil hunt lead by Dr. Kranz. Specific details are not yet available.

The Washington Post has tentatively scheduled a profile on Dr. Kranz and the DinosaurFund for August 27, 2004 in the Saturday's Child section.

Last updated: June 8, 2004

Maryland Science Center opened its new Dinosaur Hall with a festival on Memorial Day weekend.

Dinosaur Camp will run as Family Camp the weeks of June 21, July 19 and August 16 and as Drop-Off Camp the weeks of July 26 and August 2.

Fossil material is presently exposed at or near the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and Largo Center Metro construction sites.

The Traveling Dinosaur Exhibit will not be going to the Washingtonian Room until Fall 2004. It will therefore be available during the summer for any public facility. Call the DinosaurFund at (202) 547-3326 if you wish to schedule it. The exhibit is currently at Meadowside Nature Center in Rockville, Maryland.

The Washingtoniana program has been postponed until Fall 2004. However, Chevy Chase Branch of DC Public Library on Connecticut Ave., NW will have a booksigning and public program "Dinosaurs of the District of Columbia" with Dr. Peter M. Kranz at 7 PM on July 12, 2004. The program is free. There will also be a small exhibit.

Angelus Academy of Springfield, Virginia will join the Dinosaur Project starting in June 2004.

Last updated: May 11, 2004

The Emmitsburg Dispatch newspaper will do an article on the Emmitsburg track site in its May, 2004 issue. Rick Fulton (editor) has visited the site and found some fossil remains. Dr. Kranz and Mr. Fulton will be visiting the site in May to check out his new discoveries.

The Maryland Science Center says the opening of the new Dinosaur Hall is still on schedule to open on May 28, 2004. In addition, they have received a $2.5 million grant to make an IMAX movie about dinosaurs. The subject is supposed to be about an AMNH dig in Mongolia.

Dinosaur Camp confirmed dates are as follows:
Family Dinosaur Camp Week of June 21-25, 2004
July 19-23, 2004
August 16-20, 2004
Drop off Dinosaur Camp Week of July 26-30, 2004
August 2-6, 2004

Space is still available in all weeks. If you would like a different week contact: Dinosaur Fund at or (202) 547-3326.

A Likely Story children's book store will sponsor a book signing program on June 19, 2004. Dr. Kranz will give a presentation on his book Dinosaurs of the District of Columbia. Program begins at 11AM at 1555 King St., Alexandria, VA.

The new Dinosaur/Earth Science Hall of the Maryland Science Centerat Baltimore's Inner Harbor is set to open on May 28, 2004. The exhibits wil include dinosaur skeletons and interactive displays.

Family Dinosaur Camp dates include Spring Break Camp April 5-9 and July 19-23. Drop off Dinosaur Camp is still the weeks of July 16 and August 2. For more information call (202)547-3326.

A fossil field trip led by Dr. Kranz leaves Fountain Rock Nature Center in Walkersville, Maryland at 10AM Saturday April 10th. The trip is open to the public and there is no charge. Contact Fountain Rock Nature Center for directions (301)898-1460.

Meadow Side Nature Center in Rockville, Maryland will hold a Paleo Day on April 18, 2004 from 10:30AM - 2:30PM. Cost is $5.00. Call (301) 924-5965 for directions and complete schedule.

Rockville Science Day will be held Sunday, April 18 from Noon to 5PM on the Montgomery College - Rockville Campus at Rt 355 and Mannakee St. Call (301)279-0625 for directions and details. Admission is free.

The Traveling Dinosaur Exhibit will move to Meadowside Nature Center in Rockville, Maryland on April 5 and remain until late May. In early June, it will move to the Washingtoniana Room at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library in Washington, DC.

The Geological Society of America session on Eastern Dinosaurs was very informative. GSA has a new service where some of the talks presented can be accessed online. Go to for more information.

An International Children's Book Festival will be held on Saturday, April 17 in Gaithersburg, Maryland at the Gaithersburg High School located at Education Blvd. and Rte 355.from 11AM - 4PM. Admission is free. Dr. Kranz's DINOSAURS OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA and DINOSAURS IN MARYLAND will be showcased at the festival.

On June 5, Dr. Kranz will give a talk at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library at noon. The talk about DINOSAURS OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA will coincide with the opening of the exhibit DINOSAURS OF THE NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION which will be displayed in the Washingtoniana Room. A similar talk will be presented at 7PM on July 12, 2004 at the Chevy Chase Branch of the D. C. Public Library.

The Traveling Dinosaur Exhibit will stay at the Watkins Nature Center until April 1 when it will move to Meadow Side Nature Center in Rockville, Maryland. In June, 2004 it will move to the Washingtoniana Room at the MLK Jr. Library in Washington, DC.

Family Dinosaur Camp is scheduled for Spring Break, April 5-9, 2004. It will also be held the weeks of 6/21, 8/16 and 8/23. Other weeks are also possible. Drop-off Dinosaur Camp is scheduled for the weeks of 7/26 and 8/2.

Fossil Field Trip sponsered by the Chesapeak Children's Museum of Annapolis will be held on March 13. Fountain Rock Nature Center of Frederick County will sponsor a fossil field trip April 10.

The Theme Session on Eastern Dinosaurs at the Sectional GSA meeting will be held Friday, March 26, 2004. Contact: to register.

Paleo Day will be held at Meadow Side Nature Center on April 8th from 10:30AM - 2:30PM. Cost is $5.00.

Rockville Science Day will be held April 18, 2004 at the Montgomery College, Rockville Campus from Noon - 5PM. Many science exhibits will be there. The event is free.

There will be the annual fossil and mineral show at Harmony Hall, Fort Washington, Maryland on March 27th and 28th from 10AM - 5PM on Saturday and 11AM - 5PM on Sunday. Admission is charged.

Last updated: February 23, 2004

The Traveling Dino Exhibit will move to MLK main public library in early April

Last updated: February 9, 2004

The Traveling Dinosaur Exhibit is now up at the Watkins Nature Center in Prince George's County. The Nature Center is open everyday. The exhibit is free. Call 301-218-6702 for details and directions. The exhibit will be there until about April 2nd when it will likely move to the Washingtoniana Room at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library in Washington, DC.

Dr. Kranz's Dinosaurs of the District of Columbia is now available in area book stores for a list price of $14.95. It can also be ordered directly from the Dinosaur Fund at 300 50th St. SE #103; Washington, D.C. 20019. There is a shipping and handling fee of $2.55.

Area bookstores currently include: In Virginia: Imagination Station, Aladdin's Lamp, Borders/Pentagon City. In DC: Trover's, Politics and Prose, Reiter's, Chapters, Child's Play. In Maryland: Booktopia, Maryland Book Exchange, Vertigo. Other book stores are being added all the time.

Dinosaur Camp is gearing up. Family Dinosaur Camp will be held over Spring break the week of April 5, 2004. Drop off Dinosaur Camp will be held the weeks of July 26 and August 2, 2004. All camps are day damps - Monday to Friday for one week sessions.

For more information about the camps contact the Dinosaur Fund at (202) 547-3326 or Family Dinosaur Camp is also likely for the weeks of June 21st, June 28th, sometime in July, August 16th, August 23rd, 2004.

The session on Eastern Dinosaurs at the sectional GSA Meeting will be held on Friday, March 26th. For details and registration got to

Snow! Snow! Snow! Cold! Cold! Cold! Despite this fact new excavation along Oxon Hill Road near Fort Foote Road looks promising.

Dr. Kranz will be doing book signings and programs for his new book, Dinosaurs of the District of Columbia on Tuesday, February 17, 2004 from 3:30PM - 6:30PM at the Watkins Elementary School, 12th & D St. SE, Washington, DC and February 20, 2004 at 4:30 - 5:30PM at Imagination Station Bookstore, 4524 Lee Hwy., Arlington, Virginia. All programs are open to the public and free.

There will be several public fossil field trip/dinosaur hunts run during the coming months. On March 13, 2004 the Chesapeake Children's Museum is sponsoring a Fossil Hunt beginning at 10AM in Annapolis. To register, contact them at (410) 990-1993.

The Dinosaur Fund will sponsor two Dinosaur Hunts on March 20th, and March 28th, 2004 beginning at 10AM and meeting in the Oxon Hill Farm Parking Lot. To register, contact the Dinosaur Fund at (202) 547-3326.

The Fountain Rock Nature Center will sponsor a Fossil Hunt on April 10, 2004. To register, contact them at (301) 898-1460.

"Day of the Dinosaur" will be held February 28, 2004 at Watkins Nature Center in Prince George's County from 1-4PM. Cost is $3 per visitor. Call: (301) 218--6702 to register.

Meadowside Nature Center will hold "Paleo Day" on April 18, 2004. Program runs 10:30AM - 2:30PM. Meadowside Nature Center is located in Rockville, Maryland. Call (301) 924-5965 for directions and registration.

The Traveling Dinosaur Exhibit will be open for the public in mid-January 2004. As usual it will have pictures, information, interactive activities and fossils. It is expected to be at the Watkins Park Nature Center at least through April 2004. For details and directions call (301) 218-6702.

Dr. Kranz' "Dinosaurs of the District of Columbia" is now available by mail as a full color book at Dinosaur Fund 300 50th St. SE #103; Washington, D.C. 20019. Send check or money order only; made out to "Dinosaur Fund". The book should be available in bookstores by the end of January 2004. ISBN # 0-9748618-0-4

The Chesapeake Children's Museum is sponsoring several dinosaur events. On Saturday, January 17 at 2 PM and 3:30 PM Dr. Kranz will give a family program with interactive events and a discussion of his new book "Dinosaurs of the District of Columbia". On Saturday March 13 the Museum will sponsor a family fossil hunt led by Dr. Kranz beginning at 10 AM. Contact the Chesapeake Children's Museum at for details and registration.

Dinosaur Camp will be offered again this year. At present several are scheduled but more will be offered. Spring break Family Dinosaur Camp will run the week of April 5, 2004. Camp lasts a week (5 days) and an adult must attend with the children. Contact the Dinosaur Fund at (202) 547-3326 for details and registration. Summer Drop-off Camp sponsored by the Capital Children's Museum will run the weeks of July 26, 2004 and August 2, 2004. Camps last a week (5 days). Contact Beth Wilson at (202)675-4180 for details, registration and age restrictions.

The Geological Society of America (GSA) Southeast/Northeast sectional meetings will be held March 26-28, 2004 in Tyson's Corner, VA. At the meeting there will be a day-long theme session on Eastern Dinosaurs. This is a must for local dinosaur buffs. Who can say when so many local dinosaur experts will be gathered in one place again?! Be there or be extinct! Reduced registration rates if you register before February 16, 2004. Go to for registration. The date of Eastern Dinosaur session has not yet been fixed.

Last updated: January 15, 2004

The large excavation west of Maryland Clay Products shows some encouraging signs including exposed ironstone and grey clay with lignite. At the Wilson Bridge site there are still some exposed shell fossils.

There is a good chance that a bound color edition of Dinosaurs of the District of Columbia will be available by the end of 2003.

Dr. Kranz is working with the National Park Service on a survey of the paleontological resources of the National Parks in the National Capital Region. If you are aware of any recent papers or discoveries of fossils within the local National Parks, please contact Dr. Kranz at

A new edition of the Prince George's County Geologic Map is now available from the Maryland Geological Survey. It is available on a CD containing other materials for $25.00 or for $7.50 as a paper copy.

While the color scheme is improved over the 1977 Hack version, the roads indicated are only the major ones making it difficult to locate one's position in relation to smaller roads. Moreover, the geological no-no of combining the Upper Cretaceous and Lower Paleocene as a single unit has not been fixed.

The huge developments at Whiskey Bottom Road and Contee Road west of Route 1 near Laurel as yet have produced nothing interesting. On the other hand, the areas around the Addison Road Metro extension and Woodrow Wilson Bridge are still producing very limited finds.

If you are aware of any new sites, kindly send an email to

The Traveling Dinosaur Exhibit did not go to Watkins Nature Center in October as hoped. It is now scheduled to go there in January, 2004 through April, 2004.

Dinosaurs of the District of Columbia is currently available in color on CD or Black and White (hard copy - unbound) by mail at cost (shipping/handling and production) for $5.00 a copy. Mail your check, made out to "Dinosaur Fund" to 300 50th St. SE #103; Washington, D.C. 20019. Attn: Peter Kranz. Please include the address where you wish it to be sent. Bound copies may be available later in the month.

Last updated: October 20, 2003

The exhibit "Before the Bone Wars" will probably be closing on September 7, 2003 at the Capital Children's Museum. Negotiations are in progress to attempt to reopen it all or in part at the City Museum of Washington, DC in the near future.

Dinosaurs of the District of Columbia is still in production. With luck it will be out soon.

Construction activity has resumed at the Wilson Bridge site and is ongoing at the Metro sites. There are reports of new construction north of the Washington Beltway in the vicinity of Route 1.

The new location for the traveling dinosaur exhibit is likely to be the Watkins Park Nature Center in Prince George's County

Great Falls Park is sponsoring Discovery Day on October 4, 2003. Dr. Kranz will do two short dinosaur programs for the public in the afternoon. Contact Sarah Koenen (703) 757-3106 for details.

Chesapeake Children's Museum will sponsor a fossil dig on October 18, 2003 at 10:30AM. Contact (410) 990 1993 for details.

Dr. Kranz will lead a mushroom hunt starting at 10:00AM, October 11, 2003 at Fountain Rock Nature Center in Walkersville, Maryland (Frederick County).

Last updated: August 19, 2003

DinosaurCamp for 7-8 year olds will be held at the Capital Children's Museum the week of August 4, 2003. A family DinosaurCamp is planned for the week of August 18, 2003. Call the DinsaurFund (202) 547-3326 for details.

Final drafts of Dinosaurs of the District of Columbia are being edited. With luck it will be available August 2003.

The Traveling Dinosaur Exhibit will be at the Capital Children's Museum until September 7, 2003. After that time it will be available. Call (202) 547-3326 to book the exhibit.

The Chesapeake Children's Museum will sponsor a fossil field trip August 12, 2003. Call (410) 990-1993 for details.

Dr. Kranz will present a free public program on October 4, 2003 at Great Falls Park in Virginia.

Last updated: July 10, 2003

The "Dinosaur Summer" opened at the Capital Children's Museum at 3rd and H St NE, Washington, DC with "Dinostories" on May 24, 2003. "Before the Bone Wars" an exhibit on the dinosaurs of the National Capital Region opened on June 12, 2003. Both exhibits will continue at least until September 1, 2003.

Dinosaur Camps are definite for the weeks of July 14 and July 21, 2003. Adults attend with children as young as three years old. Drop-off camp for 9 and 10-year olds is the week of July 28. While, drop-off camp for the 7- and 8-year olds is the week of August 4, 2003. More camps may be announced for later in August.

Dr. Peter M. Kranz's new book Dinosaurs of the District of Columbia will appear in July, 2003. It will be available on the Dinosaur Fund website - and also in hard copy form.

The Capital Children's Museum will have a special "Dinosaur Day" on Saturday, July 12, 2003. It will include exhibits of local dinosaur fossils, a dinosaur dig and lectures by paleontologists. For additional information, contact: Linda at 202-675-4148.

Dr. Kranz will provide a lecture program at Cunningham Falls State Park on Saturday, July 5, 2003 beginning at 7:30PM. The subject of the lecture will be local dinosaurs. Call (301) 271-7574 for directions.

Last updated: June 10, 2003

The hoped for annexation of track park land to the City of Emmitsburg was soundly defeated on April 29, 2003. How this will effect the land's future is currently unclear.

The bill to make Atreipus Pennsylvania's State Dinosaur failed to get out of Committee last session. State Representative Maitlandhas reintroduced it as HB821. We must try to muster support for it this time around.

The Capital Children's Museum Dinosaur Summer began May 24, 2003 with the opening of the "Dinostories" exhibit. It continues through September 7, 2003. It will also include the "Before the Bone Wars" exhibit and Dinosaur Summer Camp.

Dinosaur Summer Camp will have four consecutive sessions, at least. Sessions beginning July 14, and July 21 are open for children from age three (3) years old and also adults. The sessions of July 28 and August 4 are drop off camps open to grades 4-5 and 2-3 respectively. Contact the Dinosaur Fund at (202) 547-3326 or for details.

The Traveling Dinosaur Exhibit in a somewhat enlarged format will be opening at the Capital Children's Museum on June 12, 2003. It will be open at least until September 7, 2003.

Last updated: April 29, 2003

On April 29, 2003 Emmitsburg held a referendum to annex the Dinosaur Park land to the city. Results next month.

Metro sites are still open.

Dinosaur Dig after school program at Oakridge Elementary School, Arlington, VA begins May 1, 2003. Anyone may sign up. Call: 703-549-5328.

Summer Camp is running for four one week sessions beginning July 14, 2003 -August 8, 2003. Call: (202) 547-3326 or for more information.

The traveling Dinosaur Exhibit has left Laurel for its first DC venue at the Capital Children's Museum. Exhibit opens some time in June, 2003.

PA State Dinosaur Bill has been reintroduced in the current legislative session.

Mt. St. Mary's Dr. Wm Meridith has written an article on James Mitchell's dinosaur track discovery.

Last updated: April 9, 2003

Maryland Geological Survey has the Mount St. Mary's Dinosaur Tracks on display in their library on the second floor. They also have the Miocene Fossil Volume on CD. Their web site has other interesting material.

Rob Weems and Jon Bachman were featured in the Metro section of the Washington Post 3/16/03 and in the Washington Times on 3/17/03. The articles reported that they have found a large number of dinosaur foot prints of early Cretaceous age along the Rappahannock River in Virginia. This is great news. On the other hand, at least one person who is familiar with Early Cretaceous dinosaur foot prints in the National Capital Region remains skeptical.

Kinder Haus Toys in Arlington will host a dinosaur program with Dr. Kranz on April 25, 2003 at 4PM. Call 703-527-5929 to sign up.

Fountain Rock Nature Center will sponsor a public invited fossil trip on April 12, 2003. People in Frederick County will meet at the Nature Center at 10AM and travel to the fossil site where they will meet with Dr. Kranz. People living in the Washington, DC area should contact Dr. Kranz at DinosaurFund @ or (202) 547-3326 for instructions.

New excavations are everywhere now that the snow is gone. Of particular interest are sites all along Route 1 between Baltimore and Washington. There is a huge site being cleared just north of Sulfur Spring Road in Arbutus and another south of Jessup. There is also a huge site on Whiskey Bottom Road, west of Route 1. Please let the Dinosaur Fund know of any finds you make or have investigated. Contact us at

The new Metro line (Blue Line extension) has finally begun to unearth large amounts of invertebrate and vertebrate materials of Upper Cretaceous age.

Summer camp for families with children 3 years old and up will definitely run the week of July 21-25, 2003. Other dates are likely. Contact us at or (202)547-3326 for details.

Dr. Kranz was finally able to get into the field to check the Cycadiod sites with Arthur Bibbins had listed in the logbook of the Women's College of Baltimore. While no new cycadiod fossils were found, many locations still exist. In addition, Dr. Kranz found at least one probable dinosaur foot print in Hammond Branch at Savage, Maryland.

Except for the swimming pool site, all excavations are now complete at the Longwood site.

Oakridge Elementary Schools after school Dinosaur Dig Program begins May 1, 2003. Call (703) 486-2873 to sign up.

Last updated: March 4, 2003

Just a reminder, the "Capitalsuarus" will be featured this month in the Washington Post Magazine's article about the New Convention Center.

Oak Ridge Elementary School will resume their after school dinosaur dig program this month. Any school age child may join even if not an Oak Ridge student. Contact: Oak Ridge (an Arlington County elementary school) call: 703-486-2873 for more information.

Despite the snow, the Traveling Dinosaur Exhibit opened on schedule on February 9th at the Laurel Municipal Center. It will remain there until sometime in April, 2003. The exhibit is free to the public during normal business hours.

Montgomery County MNCPPC will hold an all day family field trip to Cretaceous and Paleocene fossil sites on March 19, 2003. Contact: 301-972-5990 to sign up.

Chesapeake Children's Museum in Annapolis will hold another Dinosaur Day with Dr. Kranz on March 16, 2003. Call 401-990-1993 for schedule of events.

Kinder Haus Toys of Arlington will hold Dinosaur events with Dr. Kranz at 4PM on March 21, 2003 and April 24, 2003. Call 703-527-5929 to sign up.

Last updated: February 12, 2003

Capitalsaurus Day 2003 was held on the traditional date of January 28 (last month's typo notwithstanding). The Mayor's annual proclamation was read forth as usual by DC Public School students.

Dinosaur camp will have two forms this summer. A drop-off camp supported by the Capital Children's Museum of Washington, DC and the normal family camp held during other summer weeks.

At present, the CCM camps are scheduled for the week of 7/28/03 for grades 4 and 5 and the week of 8/4/-3 for grades 2 and 3.

Parents wishing to enroll children grades 1 and younger will either have to join family camp or check with the CCM about additional programs.

The tracks from Mount St. Mary's College are currently on display at the Maryland Geological Survey's library in Baltimore where they are waiting to be copied by casting.

Oakridge Elementary School in Arlington, VA will run the dinosaur dig program after school during March and April. Students from other schools may enroll.

More than 100 families packed the Chesapeake Children's Museum of Annapolis for Dr. Kranz's dinosaur program on January 19th. As a consequence a second program is now scheduled for March 16, 2003.

Look for additional programs in the Spring, 2003 The Museum's web site is

The March Washington Post Magazine will highlight the New DC Convention Center. Dinosaurs and Dr. Kranz will be featured in the historical portion of the article.

After a brief hiatus, the Traveling Dinosaur Exhibit (at least part of it) will re-emerge for a few months starting February 9, 2003 in the lobby of the Laurel City offices (Laurel, Maryland, on Sandy Spring Road).

Last updated: January 6, 2003

You heard it here first (a little prematurely), but in December 2002 the Capital Center was raized in preparation for a new shopping mall. Keep a sharp eye everyone!

Dr. Kranz will host programs on dinosaurs for children at the Chesapeake Children's Museum on Silopanna Rodd in Annapolis Sunday, January 19, 2003 at 2PM. There will be a program for older children first and a program for toddlers after. Contact Debbie Woods at 410-990-1993 for more detail.

Dr. Kranz will be present to do a dinosaur program and sign books at Kinder Haus Toys on Lee Hwy in Arlington on Friday, February 7, 2003 at 4PM. Contact Sue Pyatt at 703-527-5933 for more detail.

Last updated: December 2, 2002

The Maryland Geological Survey has placed the ASTRODON painting copy on display in the Survey's library.

The Capital Children's Museum will be having a major dinosaur summer program including Dinostories, Dino Camp and a dinosaur exhibit. Dr. Kranz will be helping them with this project.

The Chesapeake Children's Museum opened its doors to the public on a dark and stormy night November 16, 2002. They got a nice write-up in the Baltimore Sun on November 17th. Part of their exhibit includes dinosaur activities donated by the Dinosaur Fund.

The "Beltsville News" will have a story on ASTRODON and Dinosaur Park in its December 2002 issue.

On November 28, 2002, Dr. Kranz found a single highly decomposed bone from a Mosasaur Paddle in a cliff fall of Severn Age, Upper Cretaceous. The bone was about 10 cm long. It was photographed because it was not in collectable condition. The find was made along the Potomac River in Fort Washington, Maryland.

Last updated: November 4, 2002

Maryland Science Center's groundbreaking took place and excavation is proceeding for the new Earth Science/Dinosaur Wing.

The Traveling Dinosaur Exhibit will move to the Laurel, Maryland Town Hall on Sandy Spring Road.

A copy of the Maryland Science Center's Astrodon Herd painting done by Gregory S. Paul will be exhibited in the Maryland Geological Survey Lobby.

In October Cub Scout Pack 740 of Maryland helped salvage some fossil bearing clay exposed by construction at the Longwood Site. This clay is being screened by the students of Oakridge E. S. in Arlington, VA. With luck some fossils of value may be recovered.

The students of Oakridge E. S., Arlington County, VA are doing an after school dinosaur dig program with Dr. Kranz

As yet the Metro and Wilson Bridge projects have failed to produce the hoped for fossil bonanzas, however, two other sites are now being developed which may pan out. Work appears to have begun again on Harbor Place near the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and construction, perhaps houses, has started on Old Fort Road North near the Livingston Square in Fort Washington. The latter site is near the Classical Friendly locality mentioned in the Maryland Geological Survey's Upper Cretaceous volume. Both sites could produce Upper Cretaceous fossils.

Last updated: October 18, 2002

The Woodrow Wilson Bridge Construction continues to expose new material. Still no discoveries have been reported. We will remain hopeful.

Metro has stepped up its digging on the Blue Line Extension. This should result in new finds this fall.

There has been an initial ground breaking for the new wing of the Maryland Science Center which will house Maryland's permanent dinosaur exhibit.

The Traveling Dinosaur Exhibit will leave the Anne Arundel County Courthouse in early October. The exhibit is likely to move to a Washington or Virginia location next. If you wish to schedule it, contact the Dinosaur Fund @ (202) 547-3326 or

Fountain Rock Nature Center continues its dinosaur dig program. The next session is October 12. Contact Fountain Rock Nature Center in Frederick County, Maryland.

A new children's museum will open in October, 2002 on Silopanna Road in Annapolis. The Dinosaur Fund is helping them install a dinosaur exhibit.

Last Updated: September 3, 2002

A mystery fossil from a drill core in Annapolis is a tooth fragment. It was thought to be an Astrodon tooth but to date the fragment remains unidentified. Tom Lipka who examined it says he was uncertain about whether it was even from a dinosaur. Moreover, it came from a marine sediment of Late Cretaceous or Early Tertiary thus making Astrodon a very unlikely candidate as it is known from the older Early Cretaceous sediments

Although the Wilson Bridge Project is moving slowly, a good amount of Late Cretaceous sediments are now exposed.

The traveling dinosaur exhibit while currently still at the Anne Arundel County Courthouse, will soon leave for a new location. If you are interested in hosting it, please contact the Dinosaur Fund at (202) 547-3326 or

Two new programs will soon be added to the Dinosaur Fund Programs. "Build-a-Dinosaur" will allow children to put together a large scale model of a dinosaur skeleton with Dr. Kranz's supervision. "Dinosaur Hunt" will allow individuals and families to sign up independently for fossil field trips.

Last Updated: August 12, 2002

The Woodrow Wilson excavations have finally started cutting into previously undisturbed deposits from Upper Cretaceous times, but as yet no fossil discoveries have been reported.

Dinosaur Camp continues. Call (202) 547-3326 for information.

Although the new postal address is not yet certain, the Dinosaur Fund will have one soon. All other contact information should remain the same.

Last Updated: July 1, 2002

Dr. Kranz was asked to evaluate some recently exposed strata at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge site. Nothing of importance was discovered.

Dinosaur Camp will have session the weeks of July 8, July 15, and August 19 for certain. With other weeks possible, if you wish to sign up call (202) 547-3326.

The fossil Cycad sites uncovered in the records of Goucher College last month are being plotted in order that they may be visited in hopes of making new discoveries. The Paleobiology Department at the Smithsonian Institution was given copies for their records. They were also urged to consider obtaining the originals from Goucher as it is the only true copy and many of the maps are in color.

Last Updated: June 11, 2002

Glebe Elementary School in Arlington has put the crocodile tooth discovered in their Dinosaur Dig on display for the students and parents at the school. It will be offered to the Smithsonian when the display comes down.

The Wilson Bridge and Blue Line Extension have so far failed to yield much, but should do so during the summer. Other likely Upper Cretaceous sites which should produce this summer are Landover Mall and the US Air Arena.

Dinosaur Camp Session begins in mid-June and will continue throughout the summer. Sessions are one week long day camps. See Dinosaur Fund web site - or call (202)547-3326.

Tom Lipka's work was given a full page profile in the May 8-15 issue of the Baltimore "City Paper". Good job, Tom!

Metro extension is making slow progress and has uncovered nothing of interest to date.

The traveling dinosaur exhibit will probably stay in Annapolis for a while. The likely location is the Anne Arundel County Courthouse on Church Circle. Open during normal working hours. Contact: to schedule the exhibit for your location.

Hayfield Jr/Sr High School in Alexandria, Virginia is planning to start a dinosaur activity program.

Dinosaur Camp was a great success as usual.

Summer sessions of Dinosaur Camp are slated for the week of June 24, August 19 and 26. Others weeks in June, July and August may be scheduled later. Any person or group wishing to request a specific week other than those listed should contact with the specific dates requested. For more information go to the Dinosaur Fund web site at:

Metro continues to work on the extension of the Blue Line. As yet, there has been very limited cut and cover work but this should pick up soon.

Colton Wooldridge's project on gastroliths was well received. There was some suggestion that there might be some selectivity exhibited by the dinosaurs, presumably Astrodon, in choosing quartz pebbles over other types of material. Colton will continue his study next year.

The traveling dinosaur exhibit will be at the Tawes Bldg. for the month of April 2002 and may move to the Anne Arundel County Court House and/or The Children's Museum also in Annapolis after leaving the DNR Venue (Rowe Blvd. and Taylor St.).

Dr. Kranz will give a talk titled "Trailing the Dinosaurs Through Maryland" at noon on April 4, 2002, in conjunction with the exhibit. (See "NEW ITEMS" for more details).

Dinosaur digs are set for June 20 10AM-11:30AM, June 20, 1PM-2:30PM and June 27 1PM-2:30PM. There is a fee of $5 per child.

HB2343 of Pennsylvania Legislature is currently in the State Government Committee. When passed it will make Atreipus Pennsylvania's State Dinosaur.

On a recent trip to the Hadrosaurus foulkii historic site in New Jersey, Dr. Peter Kranz unearthed some surprising dinosaur trivia. Many of us who have thought about it, have always taken for fact that Hadrosaurus foukii was the first dinosaur to be recognized in North America. As it happens this is apparently not so. (We shall for the moment exclude the two cases of the 1787 bone found at Woodbury, N.J. and examined by Benjamin Franklin and the 1856 mention of Deinodon teeth found by Hayden in Montana.)

While it is true that the bones of Hadrosaurus were found in 1838 they were not collected until the summer and fall of 1858. This would still give them priority over Astrodon which was not discovered until mid to late November, 1858. However, as it happens, Joseph Leidy did not formally report the Hadrosaurus to the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Science until the meeting on December 14, 1858 and the Proceedings were not published until March 31, 1859.

On the other hand, Astrodon's discovery was reported on December 6, 1858 and a name proposed on December 13, 1858 at the following meeting. More over, Philip Thomas Tyson had printed in the National Intelligencer of January 8, 1859 a full account of the discovery of Astrodon including the fact that many more skeletal elements had been present but were discarded and lost by the miners.

Thus, one is forced to conclude that the report to a scientific body, the naming and the printed account of the discovery of Astrodon all preceded the similar accounts for Hadrosaurus Foulkii.

The demolition of the Capital Center in Largo, Maryland is scheduled for June 1, 2002 and will take about a month. After that the site is slated to become some type of shopping center. Historically the site is reported to have produced vast numbers of Upper Cretaceous fossil especially ammonites. If the current plan is followed it is likely that many good new specimens will be recovered.

Dr. Peter Kranz will give a public lecture at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Tawes Building (Rowe Blvd. and Taylor St.) Annapolis, Maryland first floor at Noon April 4, 2002. The title of the lecture is "Trailing the Dinosaurs through Maryland".

Dr Peter Kranz will give a talk to the Mineral Society of Washington on April 19, 2002 at 8:00PM at Chevy Chase Community Center, 5601 Conn. Ave. NW. The title of the talk is "Dinosaurs and Iron Ores".

There is a likely improvement in the building industry and with the return of warmer temperatures excavations will become more numerous. Be vigilant! Please report potential and actual fossil sites to

In particular there appears to be a lot of activity in locations where Upper Cretaceous beds are likely to be exposed. Those areas include the extension of Addison Road Blue Line Metro, Capital Center and Rt 50 and Rt 450 corridor in Prince George's County.

Dr. Kranz will lead a fossil trip on April 13. Meet at 10AM at Fountain Rock Nature Center in Walkersville, Maryland, telephone Number (301) 898-1460. We will be collecting at Paleozoic sites in Virginia.

The Dinosaur exhibit will probably move to Tawes (DNR) Building in Annapolis for the months of March and April.

There are still places left for Spring Break Dinosaur Camp. Two sessions of one week each, the last week of March and the first week of April.

Capitalsaurus Day pictures are now available (Click to enlarge).

Capitalsaurus Day Capitalsaurus Day
Dig programs are expected to resume in the Spring, possibly with some minimal charge for participation.

Capitalsaurus Day 2002 was a great success. A fossil dinosaur bone was presented to Barbara Franco and Mayor Anthony A. Williams by Mecrope Moonstone of Ms. Henderson's Montessori Class from Watkins Elementary School. Everyone sang the Capitalsaurus Song. There were special sessions with the Mayor and the Council Chairperson later in the day. Pictures can be seen on the Dinosaur Fund web site

Dinosaur Camp will have two sessions at Spring Break 2002. The last week of March and the first week of April. Call (202) 547-3326 for details.

Dig program will resume in Spring 2002.

The Dinosaur Playground is delayed but still in the plans.

Metro continue its construction of the Addison Road Extension. As yet, no major fossil discoveries have been reported.

On Capitalsaurus Day 2002, DC school children will present a dinosaur bone specimen to he Mayor and City Council for display in the new City Museum.

Fountain Rock Nature Center will sponsor a fossil field trip lead by Dr. Kranz on Saturday, April 13, 2002. Contact: (202) 547-3326 for details.

In early December 2001, Dr. Kranz met with representatives of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project to advise them of the fact that their excavations were likely to uncover dinosaur bones and other fossils. They were receptive and promised to stay alert.

By 2003, DC is expected to have a City Museum. The Dinosaur Fund is working to make sure the City's fossil heritage is included.

The Dinosaur Fund is going to make a child's dream come true. In December 2001, Dyrel was featured on Channel 4's Wednesday's Child. He said his dream was to dig for dinosaurs. The Dinosaur Fund is going to make that possible.

The 2002 Session of the Maryland State Assembly will commence in January, 2002. The Dinosaur Fund will push for the acquisition and preservation of dinosaur lands in the State.

Last Updated: December 18, 2001

The traveling dinosaur exhibit is still seeking a new home. An Annapolis site seems most likely.

The fossil addition to the Maryland Science Center's dinosaur exhibit should be on display beginning sometime this month. Tom Lipka generously donated an ASTRODON tooth to provide a thin section showing the famous starburst pattern.

The previously mentioned fossil sites in this heading are now as is typical no longer in existence. If you are aware of new locations, please contact us at

Hugh Richards found another petrified log at Longwood site.

The Traveling Dinosaur Exhibit will not be going to the Columbia Pike Library Branch as expected. We are now hoping to move it to an Annapolis location for the 2002 session of the Maryland Legislature.

Dinosaur Camp will have at least two week-long sessions this spring, the weeks of March 26, 2002 and April 1, 2002.

The Central Avenue and I-495 fossil site is no more. However, the Marlboro-Richie Road site is still open. Moreover, the work or the extension of the Metro from Addison Road has exposed fossils along the route. It should be productive for many months to come.

A proposal was sent to W. Paul Dial, Chief of the Bureau of Parks and Recreation for Frederick County recommending the acquisition and development of the dinosaur track quarry at Emmitsburg. Mr. Dial has said the proposal will be included in his annual report to the County Commissioners in October. Their response is expected in November, 2001.

Send-a-Letter is going to be on the Dinosaur Fund Web Site ( beginning in October, 2001. There will be two initial letters. One in support of the annexation of the fossil area north of Dinosaur Park. The other in support of the acquisition and development of the Emmitsburg track quarry.

To send a letter of support all that will be required is for the web site visitor to fill in his/her name, address and email and click to send. We urge anyone who can to Send-a-Letter as it is an important link in the process of achieving our goals.

Metro's extension of the Addison Road Line in Prince George's County has begun the clearing process. With luck, we will soon begin to see abundant fossil production from the excavation on the cleared trackways.

The fossil sites at Central Avenue and Richie-Marlboro Road are still open. In addition, new construction in the College Park/University of Maryland area hold promise for some new Lower Cretaceous exposures.

The exhibit of new fossils from dinosaur times may be installed by the end of October, 2001. At present, they are looking for an Astrodon tooth for use in the exhibit. If you know anyone who would be willing to loan one on a semi-permanent basis, please contact Bill Hass at (410)545-5904.

The Traveling Dinosaur Exhibit should have moved to the Columbia Pike Branch of the Arlington Public Library in early September, 2001. This has now been rescheduled for early October, 2001.

Barbara Bergman has been running dinosaur digs at Fountain Rock Nature Center on Saturdays, weather permitting. The future dates are: October 6, 13, 20, November 3, 17, and December 1, 2001. They are free and open to the public.

Dr. Kranz will run a fossil excursion and dig program on Saturday, October 13th beginning at 9:30AM at the Park.

The Dinosaur Fund Web Site:, has a new feature appearing in October, 2001. Dr. Kranz' Most Wanted List. It is a catalogue of missing items and bones, known to have existed but whose present whereabouts are unknown. Please search for them.

Dinosaur Camp was a great hit. One camper even remarked at the end of his week that he wanted to come back the following week. Plans are being formulated to have Dinosaur Camps during Spring Break 2002 and summer 2002.

The fossil sites on Marlboro-Richie Road and Central Avenue are still open and producing.

On September 1 a training session open to the public will take place at Fountain Rock Nature Center in Walkersville, Maryland (Frederick County). We will be searching for dinosaur fossils. Several more sessions will occur throughout the fall of 2001.

In early September, the segment of the Traveling Dinosaur Exhibit at the Beltsville Library will move to the Columbia Pike Library in Arlington, Virginia. Programs for adults and children will be held in conjunction with the exhibit.

Richard Swann Lull, a Yale professor who worked on Eastern Dinosaurs for more than fifty years, also wrote the section on dinosaurs for the Maryland Geological Survey's LOWER CRETACEOUS volume. While all his papers and correspondence have not yet been catalogued and collated, Dr. Kranz was kindly sent copies of that which is by the folks at the Peabody Museum.

No startling revelations, have resulted as yet. However, some points of interest have come from the papers. First, Lull did correspond with most of the important figures in Maryland dinosaur studies who were alive in 1909-1911, including Arthur Bibbins and William Bullock Clark. Second, Edward Berry sent him a photograph of nearly three foot long dinosaur limb bone found in the mines of Charles Coffin (1895). The whereabouts of this bone is unknown. It had a Women's College number 3121 and was last known to be at Johns Hopkins in June, 1909.

If you have seen this bone, please contact the Dinosaur Fund at (202) 547-3326 or See Dinosaur Fund web site (soon) for photo.

Mr. David McGregor of Dale Carlia Reservoir made boring logs for the South Clearwell at McMillan Reservoir available to Dr. Kranz. These logs confirm that the appropriate strata and lithologies existed at the South Clearwell in 1942 when the Astrodon femur was found. There are also photos taken about that time. As yet no written records outside those of the Smithsonian confirm the South Clearwell as the discovery site but the geology and timing make it almost certain that it is the correct location

During July the Boy Scouts of Carroll County Maryland screened and sorted dinosaur-bearing clay. To date no significant finds have been reported.

Despite a brisk business, there are still openings for Dinosaur Camp the weeks of August 13 and 20th. If you would like to attend contact the DinosaurFund at (202) 547-3326 or

The Traveling Dinosaur Exhibit will be traveling once more. It will be moving to a DC or Northern Virginia venue. It will remain in the Beltsville Library during August 2001. If you are in the region and would like to see it get there before September 1, 2001. The exhibit can be viewed during normal library hours.

The National Pike Scout Camp was held June 25 - Jun 29. Four hundred campers sifted dinosaur-bearing clay under the direction of Dr. Peter Kranz. Cody Grove, age 8, found a raptor tooth. All the campers had a valuable learning experience. (See article on page Bl Baltimore Sun, Friday, June 29).

Two large fragments of a petrified tree were recovered from the Longwood site. They may be become part of the display at the Maryland Science Center.

The July 9, August 13 and August 20 summer camps run by the Dinosaur Fund are all still on and spaces are still available. Contact the Dinosaur Fund at (202) 547-3326 or to register.

Rob Weems of the US Geological has identified the turtle shell neural plate as "Trionx" halophila according to his information. This represents only the second reported occurrence from Maryland.

Dinosaur-bearing clay was delivered to Fountain Rock Nature Center in Frederick County. It is to be hoped that programs may start as early as this summer.

"Maryland Clay Products", the site of many dinosaur finds closed its brick making operation on June 29 after almost a century in business. Cherokee-Sanford, the owners, plan to sell the property for an industry park. The Dinosaur Fund is seeking a way to preserve the few dinosaur producing acres as part of the Dinosaur Park. If you think you can help contact us at (202)547-3326 or

The Carroll County Scout Camp held the week of July 16 at the Bear Branch Nature Center in Westminster will also conduct a dinosaur dig with Dr. Kranz.

Preliminary work on two clay samples taken at Longwood show similar pollen samples but different heavy minerals. Rob Weems, Norrie Robbins and Peter Kranz will collaborate on an effort to determine if these differences truly represent a change in the source area and drainage in the mid Cretaceous of Maryland.

Dinosaur Camps of June 18, August 13 and 20 still have space. Contact Dinosaur Fund at (202) 547-3326 or

The boy scouts will be sifting dinosaur bearing clay at their camps this June and July. There is still time for your scouts to get with the program. Contact the Dinosaur Fund at (202)547-3326 or

Recent research by Dr. Kranz has confirmed that the ASTRODON femur found at the McMillan Reservoir in 1942 was recovered during the construction of the South Cell at Channing Street West of First Street NW.

Washington Parks and People is working on the cleanup of stream beds in Northeast DC. On May 19th they spoke with Dr. Kranz and were eager to look for dinosaur fossils during their cleanups. They will meet from 10-12 noon on Saturday, June 2nd at 2437 15th St. NW, Wash. DC or contact them at (202)462-7275.

Metro has announced that it will extend the Blue Line two stations beyond Addison Road to LargoTown Center. The route cuts through many miles of Late Cretaceous marine sediments which have produced a great variety of fossils. We look forward to many new finds and much new knowledge.

Sewer construction at Marlboro-Ritchie Road and I495, the Beltway, has produced large spoil heaps with abundant fossils.

There will be an adult program at the Beltsville Library on Wednesday, May 9 about Dinosaur Park and a Children's program on Maryland Dinosaurs on Wednesday, May 16. Both programs start at 7 PM.

The June 18 and August 13 and 20 weeks are still open for signups but the July 9th week is no longer available. If you wish to sign up for the camp program, contact the Dinosaurfund at: (202) 547-3326 or

The construction work is progressing rapidly at Longwood. It is being monitored on a daily basis.

The "Titanic" exhibit has been installed and is a great success, which has allowed some time to be devoted to the development of "Dinosaur Hall" and the existing dinosaur exhibit. Designs are being worked on for "Dinosaur Hall." As for the current exhibit, plans included adding some new elements and fossils possibly by June 2001.

State Rep. Steve Maitland is crafting the State Dinosaur Bill for Pennsylvania. It will name Atreipus the state dinosaur.

At least three scout camps will be doing dinosaur activities with the DinosaurFund in June and July. If you have not yet mentioned this program to the scouts you know, there is still time. Contact the DinosaurFund at (202) 547-3326 or

The Mt. St. Mary's Archives will be doing some programs on James Mitchell and the Emmitsburg footprints on May 19th and June 2nd.

Franklin and Marshall College Alumni Association is sponsoring two dinosaur hunting field trips in June. The Washington, D.C. trip is scheduled for Saturday, June 9 and Baltimore for Saturday, June 2. For more information contact (717) 291-4330.

A rare fossil turtle specimen has been found in Ft. Washington Maryland. Robert Weems of the US Geological Survey is currently attempting to get a precise identification.

A part of the traveling dinosaur exhibit dealing with the dinosaur parks in Prince George's and Frederick County parks is on display at the Beltsville branch of the PG Library.

More than 10,000 people visited the exhibit during its five week stay at Mount St. Mary's College. Many of them were early elementary school children. The exhibit was featured in Frederick Magazine's March 2001 issue.

The exhibit is still available for bookings. Contact the Dinosaur Fund at (202) 547-3326 or

A part of an Astrodon rib was recovered from the fossil bearing clay which was stockpiled from the Longwood development site. Unfortunately, the stock piles were recently destroyed through misadventure.

This summer the theme for many local Boy Scout pack's summer camps is the "Age of Dinosaurs". Several packs and camps are already working with the Dinosaur Fund. If yours is not yet in touch or aware they may contact the Dinosaur Fund at (202) 547-3326 or Remember, the best way one can learn about the local dinosaurs is to find one yourself.

Mindy Maitland, wife of Steve Maitland (a Pennsylvania State Representative from Gettysburg), has convinced her husband to introduce a State Dinosaur Bill in the Pennsylvania legislature. The proposed dinosaur is the fossil track Atreipus from a small plant eating ornithischian dinosaur about 3-5 feet long. It may be consistent with the only known body fossil from Pennsylvania, the teeth of Galtonia gibbidens. Greg Paul is kindly lending his support to the campaign by allowing the use of his painting of the hypothetical track maker which brings the creatures to life.

Significant new information has come to light which has led to important progress on the park's prospects. By far the most important discovery is a photograph of the Emmitsburg track quarry which appears in Volume II of the Maryland Geological Survey (1898) page 204. The picture clearly shows the working face of the quarry which is now overgrown with vegetation but otherwise has changed little in the past century.

The photograph makes the location from which the tracks have come completely and unquestionably clear. It also shows that tracks must still remain in the quarry.

A reexamination by Peter Kranz of the Mount St. Mary's slab has shown that small "hand" prints are also to be seen as on the other known slab currently on display at the Maryland Science Center.

The exhibit "Before the Bone Wars: Dinosaur of the National Capital Region" will be leaving Mt. St. Mary's College after March 11, 2001. The Maryland Science Center and elsewhere are probable future destinations. Look for openings soon.

During February Dr. Kranz led a dinosaur dig at St. John the Evangelist School in Clinton, Maryland (Brrrr!) The results of the dig were featured at the "Dinosaur Museum" held at the school the weekend of February 24/25. Hundreds of people attended. It is also reported that hundreds attended the Prehistoric Party at Clearwater Nature Center which featured an appearance of paleontologist Martin Tillett.

Capitalsaurus Day (Annually January 28th) was celebrated this year with a proclamation (as always) and the opening of a new dinosaur exhibit (See New Items).

The Upper Cretaceous sites mentioned last summer have finally begun to produce limited vertebrate and invertebrate material of a marine nature. More is coming, we hope.

The student research at Mt. St. Mary's College (so far) has turned up the fact that James Mitchell had descendent, sons, Alfred and Roger and Roger's daughter, Helene. This brings us a step closer to finding any personal papers which may still exist.

Also of some historical interest was the discovery, thanks to Prof. Emeritus Wm. Merideth, that there were remains of Mitchell's collection. When Peter Kranz and Merope Moonstone sorted these remains in January 2001, they were found to contain mostly unremarkable fossils, some artifacts and few labels. A sample of the fossils will be included in the new exhibit.

Before the Bone Wars: Dinosaurs of the National Capital Region, a variant of the exhibit assembled by the Dinosaur Fund for Dinofest 2000, has become a traveling exhibit. The exhibit features three types of displays: paintings and art created by professional artists and children, interactive activities, and fossils from the holdings of the Laurel Museum, Mount St. Mary's College, the Maryland Science Center and private collections.

If you wish to arrange a "Before the Bone War: Dinosaurs of the National Capital Region" exhibit to come to your location or if you wish to sponsor the exhibit in any way, please contact the Dinosaur Fund at (202) 547-3326.

The first stop for the exhibit was Knott Auditorium at Mt. St. Mary's College in Emmitsburg, Maryland. The exhibit opened informally on January 29, 2001 as part of the Capitalsaurus Day celebrations.

The exhibit will run through March 11, 2001 and the admission is free. School tours can be arranged by calling George Gelles at 1-301-447-5330. For other information about the exhibit call Nancy Poss at 1-301-447-5366.

In addition to school trips, the College and the Dinosaur Fund are sponsoring two lectures and two field trips in conjunction with the exhibit.

February 13, 2001 Prof. Wm. Merideth will speak on "James Mitchell and the early days of Science at Mt. St. Mary's."

February 20, 2001, Dr. Peter Kranz will speak on the "Dinosaurs of Maryland".

Both lectures will be held at 7:30PM in Knott Auditorium at Mt. St. Mary's College.

February 24, 2001, Dr. Peter Kranz leads a tour at Dinosaur Hall in Washington, DC. Call for details (202) 547-3326.

March 11, 2001, Dr Peter Kranz leads Dinosaur Hunt. Call George Gelles at 1-301-447-5330.

Family Dinosaur Camp is an innovation beginning this year. Children and adults will be able to attend a week-long dinosaur camp lead by the Dinosaur Fund. At the program participants will learn how we know what we know about dinosaurs and go on dinosaur digs. No children may attend at anytime without a responsible, supervising adult present. (There will no exceptions - period!)

There will be a meeting about the McMillan Reservoir Site on January 13 at the O'Connor Auditorium 9 AM to 1 PM located at Trinity College 125 Michigan Ave. NE Washington, DC.

Don't forget Capitalsauraus Day is January 28 as always.

When Dinofest 2000 wraps up the DinosaurFund's portion "Before the Bone Wars: Dinosaurs of the National Capital Region" is expected to return to Washington, D.C. There has been a great deal of interest that it should be displayed locally. More the half a dozen organizations have expressed an interest in displaying the exhibit. There are also at least two dozen other potential sponsors who may wish to display the exhibit. With so much support it is likely that the exhibit will reopen locally some time in January 2001. If you or your organization would like to sponsor the exhibit you should contact the DinosaurFund at (202) 547-3326 or email Pictures of the exhibit and a list of its current contents can be seen on the DinosaurFund's web site

There continues to be an ambiguity about nature of the dinosaur deposits of the "Arundel Formation." New discoveries at Longwood have helped to resolve at least one aspect of the debate. In early December of 2000 while sewer pipe was being laid a fossil-bearing clay unit, which would be defined as "Arundel Formation," was intersected. This unit was distinct and separate from the similar lithology encountered in late October 2000 at the same site. The new unit is located at the northern part of the site and at about 230 feet above sea level. The earlier discovered unit is more in the middle of the site and at about 270 feet above sea level. Samples have been sent for pollen analysis. Similar separations were noticed at the Arbutus site. (For more in depth discussion see the DinosaurFund's web site at ../current/arundel.html

Current Events Posted in 2000

Last Updated: December 19, 2000

The exhibit "Before the Bone Wars: Dinosaurs of the national Capital Region" currently on display at Dinofest 2000 in Chicago will be available after January 7, 2001 for a limited time before it moves to Dinofest's next location later this year. Interested groups should contact the Dinosaur Fund at (202) 547-3326 or

The exhibit as currently constituted is modular and occupies approximately 2000 square feet. It can be adapted to most spaces. It includes painting by professional artists, work of school children, activities for children and over 100 fossil specimens.

The DinosaurFund exhibit was shipped on November 22. Opening Day December 1, 2000 Navy Pier Chicago. Closing date January 7, 2001.

Some bone material was found by workers at the Longwood site in the clay excavated for MNCPPC. The clay will be moved to Bladensburg Historic Port for processing by the public and school children. Special thanks to Mark Corneal of PCI and Chris Wagnon of MNCPPC for making it possible.

Frank Roylance of the "Baltimore Sun" viewed the DinosaurFund's Dinofest 2000 Exhibit before its departure. The exhibit called "Before the Bone Wars: Dinosaurs of the National Capital Region," is the largest number of dinosaur related fossils ever placed on public display from this region. It also contains activities for children and paintings by local artists. The article appeared on November 24, 2000 in the Maryland section.

Dinofest 2000 in Chicago from December 1, 2000 to January 7, 2001 is on track. We are moving ahead with our exhibit from the National Capital Region. Thanks to our contributors including the Maryland Science Center, Greg Paul, Tom Lipka, Mt. St. Mary's College, Jim Colby, Yale University, Mike Milborn, John Beck and Bruce.

Almost 100 people attended the fossil field trip run by the Fountain Rock Nature Center. Although no fossil footprints were found our chances of finding some have been greatly increased by having many new trained fossil finders. The St. John's School was particularly well represented.

St. John's School in Frederick is joining the dinosaur digging family. They have already had a program on dinosaurs, attended a fossil field trip and are about to begin lobbying for the dinosaur track park. They also expect to join the dinosaur project soon.

The two Upper Cretaceous fossil localities have not panned out. There are two Lower Cretaceous sites, one in Baltimore and one in Prince George's County, which are currently supplying the fossil-bearing clay. Rick Smith is currently monitoring the Baltimore County Site. We could use some help monitoring the Prince George's County Site.

Prof. Jim Krysiek's history class is helping research the Emmitsburg fossil site history and is also looking for leads on any more existing stones which may have visible footprints.

Dr. Kranz will lead a fossil field trip on October 28. The trip leaves Fountain Rock Nature Center in Frederick, Maryland at 1PM. For further information call (202) 547-3326. The trip is free of charge.

Dinofest 2000 will be held in Chicago at the Navy Pier from December 1, 2000 through January 8, 2000. Dr. Kranz is organizing an exhibition on "Dinosaurs of the National Capital Region". If you have any fossil specimens you wish to loan, financial contributions you wish to make, or other help you wish to give, contact the Dinosaur Fund at (202) 547-3326.

A small exhibit of the "Dinosaurs of D.C." will be mounted at the SouthEast Branch of the DC Public Library beginning October 2.

The Maryland Geological Survey in an attempt to reduce its publication stock and gain space is selling its publications at a significant reduction in price until the end of the year. If there are publications you have wanted but could not afford, now is your chance.

As a result of an unusually high number of field sites and exposures which require being checked, monitored and collected, The Dinosaur Fund is seeking a cadre of volunteers to help during the Fall. Please call us at (202) 547-3326 or email

Volunteers must agree to two conditions: all fossils collected must be reviewed by Dinosaur Fund Personnel and any fossil considered of scientific significance must be donated to a scientific collecting institution designated by the Dinosaur Fund.

On Port Towns Day, a free public event, Dr. Peter M. Kranz will be available to interact with visitors and display fossils. The event will be at the Bladensburg Waterfront Park, 4601 Annapolis Road, Bladensburg, Maryland on Saturday, September 16, 2000 from 11AM until 6PM.

Dr. Peter M. Kranz will give a program for families at the Southeast Branch of the DC Public Library at 7:30PM on Tuesday, September 26, 2000. The program features information about local dinosaurs. Attendees may acquire autographed copies of Dr. Kranz' book at the program. The Library is located at the Eastern Market Metro Station, 7th & Penn. Ave. SE, Washington, DC.

The official word from the Planning Division of Park and Planning is that the Dinosaur Park progress has been stalled because of heavy workloads and bad weather. There is no word as to when a meeting will be scheduled or when things will get back on track.

DC Office of Planning has held its second of four public meetings on the ultimate fate of the reservoir and sand filtration site. There is overwhelming public support for recreational use. If you wish to be heard or informed: the next meeting is at Trinity College, O'Connor Auditorium, September 9, 2000, 9AM - 1PM, 125 Michigan Avenue, NE, Washington, DC. Tours of the site will be 4:30PM - 6:30PM, September 8, 2000 at First Street between Michigan Avenue and Channing Street, NW. Call (202) 442-7616 for more information.

Hopes that the Longwood Site would produce dinosaur fossils have not yet panned out, but we have not given up and continue to keep a close watch on it.

The Longwood development, south of the Dinosaur Park land, included the home site of John D. Latchford. Although it could not be saved, many local amateur collectors have saved artifacts from the site and will donate them to future exhibits at such time as the exhibits are developed.

July 28, 2000 Baltimore Business Journal has reported the intent of the Maryland Science Center to build a $36 million extension which is expected to included a "Dinosaur and Earth Science Hall" and will feature Maryland's own dinosaurs.

On Friday, July 28, eighty people toured the McMillan Reservoir site. Saturday there was a day long public meeting to solicit community input on site development. At the meeting the idea of a dinosaur component to the site was introduced. (You will recall that an Astrodon leg bone was recovered from this site in 1942.) Several DC City Council Members were present and expressed enthusiastic support.

A full scale copy of "SUE" was displayed at Union Station during the month of June.

Thanks to the hard work of Rich Smith and "Butch" Norden (DNR). We have been able to save and stockpile some dinosaur bearing clay from a fossil site in Baltimore County which has become a construction site. The fossil bearing clay will be available for projects in the future. We also wish to thank the Maryland Science Center Personnel for their timely help.

The RFP for soil borings at Dinosaur Park should be released this June.

Sandy Lyon and Peter Kranz are working on improving the fossil exhibit at the new Sports and Learning Complex.

The Maryland Science Center dinosaur exhibit which was closed briefly for the installation of another exhibit is now reopened.

At long last a scientific paper on the Mosausaur skeleton discovered in 1989 in Oxon Hill, MD by Peter Kranz has been published. It appears in the Journal of Paleontology Vol. 74 No. 2 pp 309-16. March, 2000, authors Robert Holmes and Hans-Dieter Sues. The articles states the skeleton is the most complete one known of the rare mosausaur Halisaurus platyspondylus.

"Dinosaur", the new Disney animated film, opened this month to great success. It will no doubt renew interest in matters dinosaurian.

A Review of Events and Developments in the Year Since The Current Events section began

Progress on Dinosaur Park, Northern Prince George's County. Almost one million dollars in funds made available. Planning for the park has begun. Regular meetings scheduled to report progress and see public and professional input.

"Dinosaur Alley" signs commissioned and written.

Prince George's County Sports and Learning Complex opens in Brightseat, MD May, 2000 includes a small but growing fossil education component.

3rd Annual "Capitalsaurus Day" events held.

Several elementary schools participate in a variety of dinosaur activities and make several fossil discoveries which are now part of the permanent collections at the Smithsonian.

"Capitalsaurus Court" (100 block "F" St. SE, DC) named. Street signs placed.

DC dinosaurs exhibited at Northeast Branch of DC Public Library.

First Anniversary for naming of official dinosaurs of Maryland and DC.

New raptor dinosaur reported from DC.

New information on the discovery of first Astrodon fossils reported.

Publication of report of first fossil mammal from the Early Cretaceous of Maryland, Arundelconodon hottoni, honoring Nicholas Hotton III.

The paper on the 1989 Oxon Hill MD. Mosasaur find was published at last.

A dinosaur working group was formed at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Maryland State Dinosaur Automobile license plates were designed by Greg Paul, noted dinosaur artist and issued by the Maryland Science Center.

Maryland Science Center produced the first permanent exhibit of Maryland dinosaurs ever in October, 1999.

Much work was done on the Emmitsburg Fossil/Dinosaur Track Park.

John Latchford Beck and Peter M. Kranz put together historical and genealogical files on John D. Latchford, the mine owner on whose property Astrodon was first discovered and the site of Dinosaur Park, for distribution to local historical societies.

Dinosaur Digs, an Insight Guide to places one can find and dig dinosaurs was published in September, 1999. Information about the Washington, DC area was included.

At the meeting on April 10 on the proposed dinosaur park, Laura Kinch described the RFP that would be put out to take some 20 ft. soil borings to determine the nature of the subsurface and the distribution of the fossil resources. She solicited the advice of those present. The RFP is expected in June. The next meeting was set for July 17 at noon at Vanville Community Center.

On April 29, the MNCPPC Sports and Learning Complex had its much delayed grand opening. It is located at the site of the Type locality of the Brightseat Formation, the oldest Fertiary (Age of Mammals) beds in this area. The Complex is next to Fed Ex stadium (Home of the Redskins). Included in the building at the moment is a small fossil exhibit.

Wednesday, April 12th, from 7:20 pm to 8:30 pm in room 1140 Plant Sciences Building, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, Thomas Holtz Jr., will give some background of the Discovery Channel TV documentary, "Walking with Dinosaurs." Then some key clips of the show will be shown with some comment on what is good science and what is speculation.

The next meeting on Dinosaur Park will be at Vansville Community Center at noon on Monday, April 10. Lunch will be provided. At the meeting Laura Kinch will solicit views on the RFP for soil borings for the park site. For more information contact Ms. Kinch at 301-699-2438.

Capitalsaurus Court signs were up by late February. Capitol Hill Day School is looking into the subject of dinosaur theme playground equipment.

Dr. Kranz helped the students in the VOYAGER program at Oyster Elementary School (D.C. Public Schools) on March 13 and 15 to search for fossils in a dig held at the school. The usual suspects like fossil pine cones and bone chips were rounded up. On the 31 of March, Dr. Kranz took students from the Heights School of Potomac on a dinosaur field trip.

John Latchford Beck, great grandson of John D. Latchford in whose iron mine the first Astrodon bones were found in 1858, and Peter Kranz have put together a set of three files which are available and will be given to various historical societies. The three files are 1) Decedents of John D. Latchford 2) General information about John D. Latchford 3) General information about the Carter family, a group of Latchford decedents who were important in the early automobile history of the D.C. area. Copies of these files are available through Peter Kranz by writing to him at

The Next informational meeting about the Dinosaur Park is March 13 at 1 pm & April 10 at noon. Both will be at Vansville Park on Old Baltimore Pike.

Interpretive signs describing DINOSAUR ALLEY's history and nature are planned for the Bladensburg Historic Harbor site. "DINOSAUR ALLEY" is the land between Baltimore and Washington which produces dinosaur fossils.

Signs for Capitalsaurus Court were delayed by winter weather but should be installed this February.

Capitalsaurus Day was a great success. It is held annually on January 28th marking the date the fossils were accessioned at the Smithsonian. This year's ceremonies included students and teachers from Smothers and Watkins Elementary Schools, representatives from the offices of Kevin Chavous (Ward 7) and Sharon Ambrose (Ward 6) and Dr. Kranz of the Dinosaur Fund. Announcements were made about the placing of the signs at Capitalsaurus Court and the new raptor from D. C. Everyone sang the "official" Capitalsaurus Song. The events were covered by printed TV media, in particular, FOX Channel 5 and News Channel 8.

Current Events Posted in 1999

The Planning Section of the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission (MNCPPC) will hold an informational meeting on the progress of the development of Dinosaur Park (PG) on December 14th at 12:30PM at the MNCPPC Vansville Community Center.

The posting of the "Capitalsaurus Court" ceremonial signs is tentatively planned for January 28, 2000, "Capitalsaurus Day". The Mayor of D.C. has been invited as well as other city officials.

A tooth from Priconodon crassus an armored dinosaur was found in the material sieved by the LaSalle E.S. children. The tooth will be turned over to a museum for preservation.

The students of the Boyd school began a week-long program with Dr. Peter Kranz on Monday, November 29th. The Boyd school is a Montessori School located in Reston, Virginia. The program called "What Did Dinosaurs Do All Day?" was designed by Dr. Kranz and DC Public School Teachers to help children understand how scientists learn what they know about dinosaurs. It involves hands-on digs as well as visits to places like the National Zoo and Natural History Museum.

On November 6, 1999 the Johns Hopkins Odyssey class "Hunting Dinosaurs" joined Dr. Peter Kranz in a search for traces of the creatures in the vicinity of Baltimore City. Despite diligence on their part, nothing of a dinosaurian nature was discovered for several hours until five minutes after the arrival of Rick Smith and his elementary school students who found some Astrodon bone fragments.

On November 8, 1999 the Hopkins Class visited the Maryland Science Center's Maryland dinosaur exhibit and afterwards searched through material screened by the students of LaSalle Elementary School of DCPS. Carolyn Hayes, a student in the Hopkins Class, found the Priconodon crassus tooth mentioned earlier and has given it to the Smithsonian.

The first ever Maryland Dinosaur Exhibition opened on October 2, 1999 at the Maryland Science Center. The exhibit continues to delight young visitors especially the dig pit. Many Maryland fossils never seen before will fascinate adults and scientists alike. The exhibit will be permanent. New additions are expected as warranted.

The symbolic designation of the 100 block of "F" Street. SE became law on October 19, 1999. The sign placement ceremonies are being planned for the near future. Stay tuned. Bill Phillips of Garfield Park Friends says park plans are on track.

LaSalle Elementary School finished washing all of its dinosaur-bearing clay on October 8, 1999. The residues will be sorted by them and others in the near future. Exciting discoveries are hoped for.

A meeting between Dr. Peter Kranz and the Frederick County commissioners is scheduled for Tuesday September 14th, 1999 at 9:30 AM in the 3rd Floor Hearing Room at Winchester Hall. At the session Dr. Kranz will present a plan for park development. Those interested in attending or sending support material should contact Dr. Kranz at( the Frederick County commissioners office at 1-301-694-1100.

Dr. Peter Kranz has placed an exhibit featuring DC dinosaur finds in the Northeast branch of the DC Public Library. The Capitalsaurus and Astrodon are highlighted in this exhibit.