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Thanks for taking the time to visit my

Humble Homepage

   Since you got this far on your quest for knowledge, I have to assume that we share a common interest. Yes you guessed it; we are talking about those creatures that inhabited this planet long time ago and are here no more, in another words, extinct. No not the hippies but Dinosaurs. 

   And now; seriously; I have created this page to take you on an exploration--an exploration resulting from my years of scientific research on the dinosaurs who lived in this area we now call "Maryland".   You can also see my work on articles published over the years

   Dr. Peter M. Kranz is a paleontologist; He is an authority on Maryland's Dinosaurs. He also will be grateful for any help or donation for the Dinosaur fund   and any suggestions that may help to improve this home page.
Dr. Peter Kranz


Dr. Peter Michael Kranz was born on Long Island, New York and began haunting the Dinosaur Hall of the American Museum of Natural History as soon as he could walk. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1972. Dr. Kranz has working with museums, universities, and scientists throughout the world. He has collected dinosaurs and fossils on every continent in the northern hemisphere. Presently, his time is occupied with various aspects of science education, including teaching at all levels from prekindergarten to graduate school, making video and audio products, building exhibits, doing television productions, writing, and appearing at the occasional dinosaur birthday party.