About Us

The Maryland Center for Fundamental Physics (MCFP) was established June 2007 under the suppot of the State of Maryland, Unviersity of Maryland and Department of Physics. The Center includes the original three theory groups: Particle Physics, Gravitation, and Quarks,Hadrons and Nuclei. The Cener presently consists of 16 full-time faculty members in the Department of Physics, working on the wide range of theoretical problems related to the fundamental aspects of physics. Other members include Professor Emeriti, postdocs, graduate students and visitors. Our goal is to answer fundamental theoretical questions about the world we live in, such as:

  • How did the universe start and evolve to the present state\?
  • What are the fundamental interactions at high energy?
  • What are we made of?

Here are the links to different groups:

MCFP hosts regular workshops and long and short term visitors. The Center supports graduate and post-doc fellows. We also have a colloquium series.

Contact Us

For information about the center, please contact:

Mr. Haipeng An, Graduate Administrative Assistant
Rm. 4109, J. S. Toll Physics Building
Phone: 301-405-6016
Fax: 301-405-6114
Email: anhp@umd.edu

Ms. Loretta Robinette, Administrative Assistant for TQHN Group
Rm. 2108, J. S. Toll Physics Building
Phone: 301-405-6115
Fax: 301-405-6114
Email: robinet@umd.edu