Recent Publications

The color charge degree of freedom in particle physics.
O.W. Greenberg (Maryland U.) . May 2008. 5pp. Temporary entry
e-Print: arXiv:0805.0289 [physics.hist-ph]

Light Higgs Mass Bound in SUSY Left-Right Models.
Yue Zhang (Peking U. & Maryland U.) , Haipeng An (Maryland U.) , Xiang-dong Ji (Maryland U. & Peking U.) , Rabindra N. Mohapatra (Maryland U.) . Apr 2008. 4pp.
e-Print: arXiv:0804.0268 [hep-ph]

Black Hole Thermodynamics and Lorentz Symmetry.
Ted Jacobson, Aron C. Wall (Maryland U.) . Apr 2008. 5pp.
e-Print: arXiv:0804.2720 [hep-th]

Search for Fermion Actions on Hyperdiamond Lattices.
Paulo F. Bedaque, Michael I. Buchoff, Brian C. Tiburzi, Andre Walker-Loud (Maryland U.) . UMD-40762-410, Apr 2008. 4pp.
e-Print: arXiv:0804.1145 [hep-lat]

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