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Our Strong Structure

by Laura and Robyn

How we (Robyn is my partner) made our strong structure is we made lots of pillars and after that we taped them together and formed them into a box shape. We made three boxes and taped them on top of each other and put an x in the middle of the second floor. After we put that together Robyn made a roof. It was pointy and long and we also put double layers on some of the index cards. After Mrs. Hester helped us weigh our structure and it weighed 60grams.

Then we started to hang washers in the middle card that was going across the structure. First we put 10 washers on the structure and then Robyn kept adding washers and then it started to wobble. We tried putting the washers on the opposite side of where the wobbling was but it didn't work so we just stopped. In total the washers weighed 460 grams in all. I learned that it doesn't matter how high it is because the smaller structures held the most.