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Our Strong Structure

By Katherine and Kelly

We used cylinders in the inside and taped them down to the flat piece of the index card. When we finished taping them down we used our extra cards and wrapped them around the columns that looked like cylinders. Our structure was a rectangular shape.

We put weights on the top of the structure loose with no paper clip or rubber band. It held 74 washers. I was surprised that it held so many weights and not too many of the big and little dictionaries.

Since it did not hold too many dictionaries we decided to change a few things. We taped the column down more tightly. We made the card structure more even on one side. That is why the dictionaries kept on falling off.

I learned that sometimes cylinders are not very strong and sometimes they can be very strong. Also I learned that you should have a flat base so it can stand still instead of it moving all the time. That is what I learned about our index card structure.