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Our Strong Structure

by Linh and Lindsey

We made our structure by making two cards into one cylinder. We had a base at the bottom of our structure. The x's were on the top of our structure. We had about six or more columns to make it strong. It was holding 8 kg. Its dead load is 50g.

Frist we used washers but it didn't work because we had nowhere to put them. So we used the black books and it worked very well. We got ten books on the structure, that is 8 kg. We got a little surprised that our structure can hold that much, if it is that little.

We had no changes in our strong structure.

I learned that cylinder is stronger than the other shapes. I learned that we use more columns than beams. If the structure is too tall it will not hold that much. The structure has to be balanced or it will not stand. The dead load should not be a lot.