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Pecos Bill and John Henry

by Ben

Pecos Bill and John Henry met at what is now the Grand Canyon. They started to fight and John swung his hammer and missed so he made the Grand Canyon. Pecos lassoed him and they were friends. Since they were so thirsty they drank the river all up so now the Grand Canyon is dry.

The next day scientists found out a comet was going to hit earth and wipe out the human race just like the dinosaurs. That night they saw the comet and told the scientists to get ready to evacuate but not leave unless the comet hit. They did just that and let John and Pecos work. Pecos lassoed the comet and John made a train track and train to ram into the comet. It did and it went 999,999,999,999,999,999,999 miles an hour. They went all the way to Star Wars and hit the Death Star. That is why the rebels beat the imperials in Star Wars.