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Mr. Tall

by Mikiel

There was once a little man. He was so tiny it would take a mega magnifier to see him. One day he saw a big drop of what looked like juice but was actually a magic potion. He examined the substance and started to drink it. He became taller and taller until his head popped out of the roof of his house. Finally he stopped growing. He could not believe it - he always wanted to be tall! But there was one problem, his head was stuck in the roof. It took a crane to get him out! When he finally got out he decided he would go play the game that everyone had always beat him in - b-ball, also known as basketball! He was so good all he had to do is drop the ball to make a shot. {He always made it}.

He decided to make basketball his career. When he played in the N.B.A. they had to make a 90 foot door for him to fit in. He was known as the best basketball player in the whole wide world! His nickname was the b-ball man!!! He had to try not to jump. He was so tall his head could break through the roof. When he retired and got old he had a disease and died. They used up a whole graveyard just for his grave, then they put him in it. Some people say he gave the rest of the potion to M.J. or Michael Jordan because he's one of the best basketball players in the N.B.A.