Jacob Steven

by Benny

Paul Bunyan traveled to California after he quit cutting down trees. He and Babe were looking for a place to live but they were too big so he started looking for a doctor who could shrink them. He met a doctor named Doctor Steven. Paul begged for an appointment so that's what he got. The next day the doctor showed Paul a shrinking machine. He and Babe were so excited until the doctor said it had never been tested. But, Paul didn't care so he took the chance.

A big laser hit Paul and Babe and they shrunk into a normal human and bull. The next day they bought a big house and a stable with fresh hay. Paul fell in love that day with a lady named Mary Lamb and Babe fell in love with her bull named Lace. Paul and Babe got married the next day. Mary Lamb was now Mary Bunyan.

Two years later they gave birth to a beautiful baby named Jacob. When Paul picked him up, Jacob picked up his mom, father, Babe, and Lace and started juggling them around. He accidentally threw Mary into the boy's bathroom and Paul into the girl's bathroom. Jacob loved to play so he threw cars everywhere. His parents had to pay for everything.

Once he rolled an empty car down the street and he jumped on the car right into a rocket going into space. After he came out he saw he wasn't home anymore. He saw asteroids coming to him. He thought they looked fun so he grabbed the spaceship and started playing baseball. He hit the asteroids all the way to the moon. That's what made all the craters on the moon. Then he saw a flying saucer. He ripped off the ring around the flying saucer and played ring toss with Saturn. That's why Saturn has rings around it.