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Kittie Tall Tale

by Elise

In Mississippi there lived a lady who had a baby girl. Her name was Kitty. Now Kittie's mother's generation was not good at picking names. Kittie's grandmother named Kittie's mom Pickles, so you can tell they are bad at picking names. But Kittie's mom had gotten better because she named her daughter after her cat-like green eyes. Kittie was born 5 feet tall and 246 pounds so Kittie's mom could not hold her. And when Kittie cried she always knocked down 2 buildings. She even knocked down a hospital and gave everybody a free shower.

By the time Kittie was 10 months old she was 12 feet and 399 pounds. Finally when she was 1 year old, she was 16 feet, and 500 pounds, and she was sooooo big that her mother had to buy 75 acres of land just to make a bed, dresser, and mirror. When Kittie was 5 years old, 150 feet tall, and 906 pounds, her mother sent her off with her uncle. Kittie cried so much that there was a flood that was 85 acres long and 12 feet deep.

Because of the flood, Kittie's family kept passing her from one to the other family member. Finally there were no more family members left to take her. So Kittie went off with her teddy bear, Jim. When she saw a 5 foot pig that weighed 112 pounds, Kittie picked it up with ease and said " Oh, I am so happy that I have found you, oh little pig. I am so delighted, I will take you with me and name you Piggy." So Jim, Piggy and Kittie set off for New York City.

When she arrived at New York City, she saw the Statue of Liberty, picked her up, and played with her like a baby doll. When it cracked she threw it into the ocean like a mere child's toy. Kittie roamed New York City for days and months. Then Kittie crushed buildings, ate a car, and sat on the Eiffel tower. She played golf with the Empire State Building and destroyed half of New York City.

Then Kittie moved on. Kittie met Mrs. Henrich and her twins and Mrs. Henrich took Kittie in as her own child. Kittie was now 250 feet tall and 2,000 pounds. Melly and Mike (the twins) were kind and playful. When Mrs. Henrich died, Kittie was 9 years old, 391 feet tall, and 2,452 pounds. She went to a sandy place with a ditch and cried the Chesapeake Bay.

So Kittie moved on to the desert with Jim, Piggy, and brought the twins and herself. They were all glad when Kittie had brought a umbrella as tall as 416 feet tall and as long as 40 feet, so it was like a giant hood of shade. One day it got so hot Kittie got burned and cried the heat away. That's now known as the Pacific Ocean.

When Piggy died, Kittie couldn't take Piggy's death, so (she was only 11) she took the twins and went to a island and no one saw her until 1996. Kittie came back and went home to her mother in Mississippi. She is now 900 feet tall, 3,498 pounds, and she is 20. Kittie can only live standing in a lake.