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John Henry

by Zack

Once upon a time John Henry was born. He always wanted to work on the railroad. He said he was born with a hammer in his hand. After the Civil War he was a free slave. He didn't know what to be. Then he heard hammers clanking. He saw people working on the railroad. John Henry asked if he could help. But they said no. He said, "Let me prove myself worthy." The workers said, "Okay."

"Who's going to hold the spike for you?" said the worker. Then somebody named Lil Willie said, "I will." He held the spike and John Henry missed! He never wanted to see a hammer ever again.

Then he started to like diving. He was so good at diving he entered a league. He won a huge trophy and a lot of prize money. He married Harriet Tubman. They had a son named Martin Luther King Jr.