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Pecos, Paul, and Mike

by Mosi

Pecos Bill won a trip to Barbados. He thought it would be exciting so he called Mike Fink and his other friend Paul Bunyan to come with him. The plane was too small. The airport people had to build a bigger private plane, but none of the pilots were able to turn the wheel or press the buttons. They had to fly it themselves. Mike Fink said, "I could fly the plane. I drove boats so how hard is it to fly a plane?" He was doing great flying the plane until the wind blew them out the sky and they fell right into the mountains. The plane made such a loud noise it caused an avalanche and there was nothing they could do about it. Paul yelled BABE!!! More snow fell on but Babe jumped across the ocean and dug up the snow and saved them. Everybody jumped on Babe and went home but on the jump back Paul fell in a volcano and blew to the moon. That's why there are holes on the moon.