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Adrien Malibu

by Bridget

As a baby Adrien Malibu lived on the highest cloud ever. It was over Maine. The weird thing about her was that she was a human. Her parents were cloud people, her house, every thing she owned was made of clouds. The reason she was a real person was that every 20 generations a real person was born into the cloud family, and this time it happened to Adrien. She grew a couple of feet a day. By the time she was 5 she weighed only 1 ounce and was 275 feet tall.

When Adrien was 11, she was 2 miles tall. She found a cloud horse. The next day she went riding. Adrien loved the feeling of the wind in her red hair, and the soft thud of Bubbles, her cloud horse's hoofs, but she still wasn't happy with her life. The next year when she was 12, she bumped her head on the moon.

When Adrien was 18 and old enough to go to college she accidentally stepped on the school. She also smashed a lot of people. Adrien was ashamed of her height. Five years later Adrien got burned up by the sun. Adrien's ashes fell down to earth and started the great Yellowstone fire.