Self Portrait, by Alicia. Oil pastel on paper, 11" x 14"

next index previous My name is Alicia and I am nine years old. My birthday is on December 23rd. I like going to my horseback riding lessons because I get to ride a different horse every time I go there. That's what IÕm doing in my picture that I drew. When I go there I only have to fix my stirrups and get on the horse. I am going to ride on a different kind of saddle next week. I really enjoy riding horses. I am glad that I don't have to clean the horses before I ride them because it would take up a lot of time when I get there. I have six pets. Two dogs, two cats, and two fish. My first dog's name is Heidi. She is a girl and she always chases our cats around. So does Woody which is our other dog. The cats used to chase him around the house until Heidi showed Woody how to bark at them. Our cats' names are Booties and Mr.Tibbs. Booties is a skinny cat but he is cuddly with the dogs. Mr.Tibbs is much different than Booties. Some people in our family call him Speckals. Speckals is very fat and lazy. He hogs all the food from Booties. He bites when he's hungry. Our two fish belong in Alan's room, Copper and Goldy. They have lots of plants in their tank. We feed them every day.

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Here is the photograph that I used as a model for my portrait.

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