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Archaeoastronomy & Ethnoastronomy News


Number 1, September Equinox 1991


Something New-Something Current
by David Dearborn and LeRoy Doggett

Welcome to the first issue of a new publication, ARCHAEOASTRONOMY & ETHNOASTRONOMY NEWS. The News is a Quarterly Bulletin for the timely sharing of information with the community, and is not a replacement for the journal ARCHAEOASTRONOMY. ARCHAEOASTRONOMY came into existence in 1977 as a place to publish research on the astronomical views and the cosmologies held by various peoples. This is an inter-disciplinary environment in which archaeologists, and astronomers each bring their own questions and contribute their own perspectives. ARCHAEOASTRONOMY will continue to serve as a forum for collaborations between the disciplines. A primary function will be to provide prompt information on events of general interest. Among these are:

  1. Announcementss of conferences and events.
  2. Brief reports of significant discoveries and newsworthy items.
  3. Notices of tours and expeditions needing volenteers.
  4. Notices of important publications and (abstracts when we can).
  5. Obituaries and other "milestones".
  6. Editorials.

In addition to information solicited from a group of regular contributors, we will publish short essays from active students of archaeoastronomty, ethnoastronomy, and related topics.

We will solicit news and comments from the readership, and may (on occasion) accept unsolicited material submitted for publication in the editorial and essay sections. While we anticipate that the format will evolve in response to your input, we intend to maintain brevity to assure regular publication, thus eliminating some of the difficulties that have plagued ARCHAEOASTRONOMY in recent years. ARCHAEOASTRONOMY is still the publication for substantive articles on research in the field. By removing some of the burden fron John Carlson, we hope to promote more regular publication of ARCHAEOASTRONOMY.

As subscribers to ARCHAEOASTRONOMY, you are receiving this issue free of charge, and we hope you will continue to support the publication. Subscriptions should be sent to:

The Center for Archaeoastronomy
PO Box X
College Park. MD, 20740-1024

Inquiries about material published in A&E News, or submission of notes should be sent to:

Dr. D. S. P. Dearborn
PO Box 808
Livermore CA 94550
(415) 422-7219

Finally, We would like to welcome all ARCHAEOASTRONOMY subscribers to A&E NEWS.


by J Carlson, Director and Editor

With this September Equinox, we proudly introduce the first issue of ARCHAEOASTRONOMY & ETHNOASTRONOMY NEWS: THE QUARTERLY BULLETIN of the Center for Archaeoastronomy. About this time in 1977, Ray Williamson and I created the first ARCHAEOASTRONOMY BULLITEN, a quarterly that also began as a 4-page newsletter. It grew steadily to become the ARCHAEOASTRONOMY JOURNAL in 1983. The concept provided news about all aspects of archaeoastronomy and ethnoastronomy to a very diverse group of professionals and amateurs... news that was relevant and timely including conference notices, brief research reports, abstracts of publications and a review of the current literature. As long-term subscribers know, beginning with volume 6 [1983], ARCHAEOASTRONOMY has been issued as a yearbook (largely because it was always a decidedly non- profit, labor-of-love, one-man operation that was easier to assemble once a year). With a 2-year assignment for National Geographic Magazine, culminating with the article "America's Ancient Skywatchers", published in the March 1991 issue... plus increased career research and teaching demands... I regretably fell behind. Volume 9 [1986] was the last ARCHAEOASTRONOMY you saw! I am solely responsible the delays and I ask only for your continued patience, understanding and support. As many of you have suggested, our field needs a regular and timely news bulletin in addition to a good journal for papers, reports and the archival materials, and we will address this with our ARCHAEOASTRONOMY AND ETHNOASTRONOMY NEWS.

I needed help! I found it in my two co-editors, David Dearborn, and LeRoy Doggett, associate editors Alane Alchorn and Barbre Brunson, volunteers, and a fine international Board of Contributors who represent expertise in many different academic fields and from most parts of the world. We have regrouped and plan to expand our scope to cover archaeoastronomy and ethnoastronomy worldwide, with the A&E NEWS which will be published quarterly and and on schedule along with ARCHAEOASTRONOMY which will appear at least once a year.

You have received this inaugural edition of A&E NEWS first class, free with your subscription to ARCHAEOASTRONOMY. The volume number of your current subscription is indicated on the mailing label. If it is 10 or higher, you will receive ARCHAEOASTRONOMY Volume 10 as well as future issues of the NEWS. For those whose subscriptions have expired [Volume 9 or lower], we send the NEWS in hopes that you will renew your subscription now for Volume 10 and beyond. The current rate is $24/volume [year] for individuals; $36 for libraries and institutions [with $3 additional outside the USA]. We will have to raise these subscription rates in 1992 to cover the additional production and mailing costs but we will honor the old rates for the rest of 1991 until volume 10 is published.

I can only ask you to have continued faith in us, help us, and give your support with information on conferences, lectures, notices of discoveries, and important publications as well as your subscriptions. I personally thank all of you for your patience and understanding over the years and pledge to do my best... with more than a little help from my friends.

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