Doug Oard's Students and Postdocs

I have been fortunate to work with closely many students and postdocs in a number of different ways. Many of them are listed here.

Present Postdocs

Present Students, as Research Advisor

Former Postdocs

Gina Levow
1998-2002. Now on the faculty at the University of Washington.
Daqing He
2001-2004. Now on the faculty at the University of Pittsburgh.
Anton Leuski
2002-2003. Now at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies.
Ryen White
2004-2006. Now at Microsoft Research.
Jianqiang Wang
2006. Now on the faculty at the State University of New York, University at Buffalo.
Earl Wagner
2010-2012. Now at Google.
William Webber
2011-2013. Now consulting on E-Discovery in Melbourne, Australia.

Graduated Students, as Research Advisor, Co-Advisor, or Second Reader

Some Other Current Students With Whom I Have Worked

Some Other Graduated Students With Whom I have Worked

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