Yiqun Xie

Assistant Professor
Geospatial Information Science
University of Maryland, College Park

Ph.D in Computer Science
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Email: xie at
Courses at UMD
  • Fall 2022: Spatial Data Mining
  • Spring 2022: Deep Learning for Spatial and Spatiotemporal Data
  • Spring 2022: Introduction to Spatial Artificial Intelligence
  • Fall 2021: Spatial Data Mining
  • Spring 2021: Introduction to Spatial Artificial Intelligence
During PhD (as TA and guest lecture)

Graduate level classes

  • CSci 5525: Machine Learning
  • CSci 5521: Introduction to Machine Learning
  • CSci 8715: Spatial Data Science Research
  • CSci 5715: From Virtual Globe and Google Maps to Spatial Computing

Undergraduate level classes

  • CSci 4707: Database Management Systems