Homepage of Joshua A. Westgard

Joshua Westgard


Welcome to my homepage at the University of Maryland, where I am a systems librarian for Digital Programs and Initiatives in the Digital Systems and Stewardship Division of the University of Maryland Libraries. I graduated from UMD's iSchool in 2014 with an MLS in the Curation and Management of Digital Assets.

As a librarian, I am interested in the development of library software applications, databases, and digital preservation. Some of the scripts and software resulting from my work in this area are available in my account on Github.

I also hold a Ph.D. in medieval history (UNC-Chapel Hill, 2006), and maintain a research agenda focused mainly on the transmission of medieval Latin texts, in particular the works of the Venerable Bede (AD 672/3-735). With respect to my historical research, the following links may be of interest: