Beanie Baby ABCs

Mrs. Bonnie Louden's Reading Language Arts Class

4th grade, March 24, 1998

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This unit focused on capturing the kids' keen and frenzied interest in Beanie Babys. The culminating activity will be to create at class ABC book on Maryland in conjunction with the 4th grade curriculum. That project will be completed by the end of the year and we will post the results.

This web site shows some of the preliminary activities that will lead up to our Maryland ABCs Book. The "For Sale" activity was designed to give the students a chance to do some discriptive writing about a favorite stuffed animal they had at home. It gave them an opportunity to review some basic computer skills in using a word processor and saving their work. They were also introduced to digitizing images.

The Beanie Baby Alphabet Book was the second project. This involved more research and the writing/editing process, essential skills needed for future expository projects. Directions for this can be found in the "How We Did This Project" link listed below.

ABC Index

For Sale

How we did this project

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