MCTP Mentor Teacher Workshop

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An Overview of the Mentor Teacher Workshop

One of the goals of the Maryland Collaborative for Teacher Preparation is to develop an array of field experiences that support and enhance preparatory content and pedagogy coursework and that reflect creative and effective strategies for teaching mathematics and sciences. The critical factor in achieving this goal is identifying teachers who exemplify outstanding mathematics and science teaching and who are capable mentors for beginning teachers. Thus, MCTP established a Mentor Teacher Workshop in the summer of 1995 to lay the groundwork for establishing a network of experienced teachers and field experience sites for the MCTP teacher candidates. The first workshop in 1995 lasted 8 days, and in the summer of 1996 the workshop was conducted again for a new group of teachers and lasted 10 days. A third workshop is being planned for the summer of 1997. During the workshops the participants experience some of the philosophy and practice of MCTP mathematics and science, study research on mentoring and practice developing these skills, and receive first-hand information about new directions in mathematics and science education from national leaders of the mathematics and science reform movements. For a summary of the past workshops and information about the 1997 summer workshop, please go to the MCTP Mentor Teacher Workshop page.